Monday, July 21, 2014

Glittery Gradient

I decided to apply a slight gradient to a base of bright pink nails, China Glaze Pedal to the Metal. For the sponge gradient I used China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy, probably my favourite China Glaze polish! To create the polish on the nail I applied Flip Flop Fantasy to a make-up sponge with pedal to the medal directly below it. I gently dabbed the sponge a few times on the nail (already with a base of Medal to the Medal) to create the gradual fade from one colour to the other.

I continued this process on each nail between one to two times to get the desired look. I then sponged some fine gold holographic glitter on the tips of my nails as well, China Glaze Golden Enchantment. I added a thin top coat over top everything to smooth out the gradient and add a nice gloss.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Glitter Matters!

Happy Friday! I have a quick mani refresh today that I absolutely love. I layered an awesome matte glitter over my previous mani of Fresh Paint Guava.

Funky Fingers, Glitter Matters, is a densely paked glitter made up of various sized pink, yellow and white glitters. I find the yellow pieces of glitter have a slight opalescence to them in the sunlight that makes them appear golden against the coral base. It is pretty awesome.

I love the contrast between the bright coral base and the matte glitter pieces. I only needed one coat for the distribution of glitter I was happy with. I used a dabbing motion to help apply the glitter evenly to the nail, and swiped upwards to distribute it evenly.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


I purchased a couple polishes dorm a new to me brand, Fresh Paint, both being bright summer neons! The first out of the two I decided to wear is Guava.

Guava is a bright coral neon which I feel is creme based. It tends to lean more orange or pink depending on the lighting. Outside in direct lighting is is completely eye searing! I love it!

Application was awesome, the formula is a little thick but easy to work with. I only needed two coats to reach full opacity. If I remember correctly it dried to a satiny finish. I used Seche Vite to make it nice and shinny. Surprisingly it wore very well, neons usually chip very quickly on me.

I will have to pick up some more of these polishes when I am in another Five Below! Does anyone know if these are a Five Below exclusive brand?

Monday, July 14, 2014

Summer Haulin'

As per usual, about every month or two I head across the boarder for a brief shopping trip. When I say brief, I mean BRIEF, like hours! But I always manage to hit up the best polish supplier while I am in town :) This month I scored at Sally's and Five Below.

I was hoping to find Orly's Baked collection at Sally's, unfortunately they only had the mini set for purchase. I took a look through their sale section and picked out some Finger Paints which were an additional 50% off, lucky me! I chose Metallic Moondust and Stargazing Lilac.

Metallic Moondust is a dense glitter made up of gold  and silver micro and medium sized glitters and sprinkled with a teal hex glitter. This was more awesome than I was expecting, very dense and super sparkly. One coat is shown in my swatches below.

Stargazing Lilac is basically a lilac version of Metallic Moondust with the prettiest shade of purple hex glitter in place of the teal. One coat is shown in my swatches below.

An unexpected stop on my trip this month was at a newly opened Five Below. I just had to check it out, three polishes for $5? Fan-tastic! I picked up some lovely neon shades from Fresh Paint, Honeydew and Guava.

Honeydew is a light green pastel neon, I don't think it has enough blue in it to be considered a mint. It is totally a honeydew shade in neon form. It dries to a slightly satin finish, my swatches below show two coats.

Guava is this fantastic neon coral. I don;t know if I would compare the shade of this polish to the actual guava fruit. Although i have never tried it before, the photos I have seen are a deeper coral in comparison. This polish wears a lot better than other neons, making it one of my number one picks for summer 2014. I will post more about this polish soon. Two coats are shown in the swatch below.

The last polish I picked up at Five Below is a glitter topper. As soon as I saw this one I knew I HAD to have it, now! Funky Fingers Glitter Matters - has an unimaginative name... - but is so unique to anything I have seen or owned. Very indy inspired.

It is a glitter topper composed of tiny pink and yellow matte glitter with a mix or larger pink, yellow and white matte glitter. I can't wait to try this out over different shades of polish to see what works best. It would be awesome for a glitter sandwich as well. My swatch below shoes one coat.

That is all for now ...until next month ;)

Friday, July 11, 2014

Cult Nails Scandalous

Happy Friday! A nice sunny weekend calls for a bright and shiny shade. Summer seems to be in full force, however I feel like this whole season is just flying by since the weather picked up so late.

Today I am wearing Cult Nails Scandalous. This juicy shade is super duper shiny. The colour does not photograph very well, I would describe it as a pink based coral jelly. On screen it looks way more saturated. It is a very creamy jelly.

It was fairly thin on the first coat, but built up nicely in three coats, not bad for a jelly. I had no application issues, as always with my Cult Nails polishes, flawless formula :)

In Hind sight I regret not trying a jelly sandwich with Scandalous. It would go perfectly with captivated or Blaze! Whenever I pull out a Cultie to wear, it always makes me crave more. Can't wait to see what Maria has in store for us in her newer collections!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Pedal to the Metal

My boyfriend suggested I pick a few polishes for him to choose from to paint my nails the other day. While choosing the colours I already knew EXACTLY what he was going to pick, the blue shade, Essie, Butler Please. He always goes for the blues! He surprised me when he paired it with another Essie, Saturday Disco Fever. This of course would be the accent nail, according to him.

I told him maybe he should pick a colour based off the polish name, so out of the five in front of him, he picked out China Glaze, Pedal to the Metal. A perfect choice I didn't even consider seeing how my first road test (G2), was scheduled for the next day! I'm glad to say I easily passed, yay me! I was lucky enough to have a super nice examiner and no rain, it had been calling for rain all week. I had a little set back the morning of with my boyfriends car, but that is a whole other story all together. All that matters is that I made it there on time and passed, so we are both happy :)

Pedal to the Medal is a light, bright pink creme with the slightest of coral undertones. Application was good, not too thick, not too thin. There were some streaks, but better application on my part could have helped to avoid that. Only two coats were needed for full opacity.

It dried to a satin/matte finish, which I glossed up with a coat of Seche Vite. Application so far (2 days at this point) is good. Some slight shipping in my usual spot (inside right thumb). But I did also experience a larger than usual chip on day one, pointer finger of my left hand. This was due to a deep bend (crease) in the nail. Some of my nails are still healing after the toll winter took on them unfortunately. Luckily all of the other nails are looking good. I found this collection as a whole chipped a lot faster due to the satin/matte finish. Hopefully this last a few more days, I plan on doing a refresh of some sort :)

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

At Vase Value

China Glaze has confused me with their latest summer and spring collections, I feel like maybe their spring collection was supposed to be their summer collection and vise versa? Although Peonies in the Park (spring collection) has some lovely pastels, I find that they are brighter (including a few neons) and more appropriate for summer, where as the summer collection hardly has any neons!

I dont know how to classify At Vase Value, apart of the Peonies and Park collection. Sure, it may look like your standard "Tiffany" or baby blue, but I think it is different from the similar shades I own. First off, I would not consider it a neon polish, however it must be the brightest pastel blue I own. Secondly, it has a hint of yellow in there which makes it shift slightly teal while still being a blue. Basically it is a bright neon leaning pastel blue... LOVE!

I wish I could say the same about application, but to be honest I was actually expecting worse! This whole collection seems to be infamous for application issues and horrible wear. I can't comment on wear time just yet since I just applied the polish last night, but application wasn't the easiest. The first coat was a bit streaky, this occurred when over lapping layers. To avoid balding work quickly with three swift swipes. The second coat applied much easier, but to get full opacity I found I needed between 3-4 coats. It varied from finger to finger for me, and this is because I was painting in a dimly lit room watching Chopped (Sooooo hooked on this!), so, my fault. I would say in better lighting and atmosphere, 3 coats total should do it. The fourth coat was mostly just spot touch-ups with thinned out polish.

The natural finish of At Vase Value is a satiny matte. It did appear thick and uneven on the nail. I even thought I saw some bubbling on a few nails, but one coat of Seche Vite evened everything out fairly nice. Overall I am very happy with the final look, colour and finish. I felt even thought I needed between 3-4 coats It wasn't really a lot of extra work or as messy as the other polishes I have tried from this collection. I just hope it lasts me a few days without chips!