Monday, September 22, 2014


If you recall from earlier in August, which has been is now a WHILE away, I had a pedi done of Funny Bunny on my toes. At that time I applied a similar shade to my fingers to match. In my opinion these are pretty much dupes of one another. 

Essie Marshmallow is a sheer and creamy white jelly shade. I love that this stake white is a jelly, it softens it up a bit and doesn't appear as if I have white out on my nails... not that that is a bad think, but sometime I just want something a bit softer. 

Marshmallow applied well. Since I applied this a while back I can't recall for certain whether I used two or three coats for full opacity. I do remember the formula was nice, I didn't run in to any issues there.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Glittery, Glossy Jelly!

Happy Friday! I got some pretty cool OPI polishes recently apart of the Sheer Tints collection. These polishes are true, sheer jellies. I haven't attempted, but the lady at Trade Secrets who rang me through said they can be built up to opacity. I still find that hard I believe! I would think she was trying to sell me on them but I was already giving her my money at this point, plus I knew what I was in for. Although sheer, you can get some really cool effects with them layered over other polishes or themselves.

That being said I tried out a jelly sandwich with Are You Jelly? As the base and OPI Don't Violet Me Down over top. Once the glitter was down I layered one thin coat of OPI Don't Violet Me Down on top. The result wasn't as obvious as other jelly sandwiches I have done in the past, however it did grow on me. It added a slight tint of blue to the purple base and left my nails crazy glossy!

I am loving these smooth and glossy nails, I'm thinking of doing some nail art on top for a concert.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Are You Jelly?

I think this may be my last "summer" mani of the year *tear*. It figures, September rolls around and they weather turns summer-like!

Tody I have a neon jelly from China Glaze's Sunsational collection from 2013, Are You Jelly? In my opinion is not a true jelly or neon. The formula is jelly-like, thin ad sheer, while the finish is a satin/matte once dried, like a neon. The colour is not all the bright or squishy. It is a pretty shade of medium purple, had it dried to a jelly gloss finish I would love it a little more. Three coats are show in my photos without top coat.

Each coat was streaky, but the third evened everything out. I plan on going some layering with this soon as the base, we'll see what I come up with in my next post!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Funny Bunny

I have another fun pedicure!! I think I have gotten more pedicures this summer than I have ever! It figures, I get the opportunity to get so many pedicures and hardly get to show them off due to the weather. Luckyily the weather has been good lately, which is good because I have this great pedicure to show off!

Three coats of OPI Funny Bunny were applied to my toes for maximum coverage, plus I was offered some surprise nail art, yes please! Simple and elegant. The nail tech used OPI Lincoln Park After Dark and China Glaze Strike Up A Cosmo with a stripper brush. I love it! I don't think I have ever had pure white on my toes, but I love it. Funny Bunny has a jelly formula so it is softer than a straight up white creme polish.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


I have an awesome coral mani to share today apart of China Glaze's summer offering from 2013. Shell-o is a pink-based coral jelly polish that is bright and fun for summer. Too bad summer for the most part has been feeling like fall  :( Luckily the weather has FINALLY been picking up this week, it figures, the last week of August! But hey, I'll be happy is September turns in to an extended summer!

I think that is why I chose this shade of polish to wear, brighten the mood a bit and remind myself that it's still summer. The formula was good too work with, not too thick, not too thin. Since it is a jelly it is sheer. I used a total of four coats which is mostly opaque. The end result is bright and juicy, but not as squishy as I would have hoped.

I can't recall if it dried super glossy, but I added my usual coat of Seche Vite over top to aid in drying. I wish my skin had a nice tan to really make it pop, but I do love this shade, a must have for summer!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Last of Summer

Happy Friday! and Long Weekend! WOOO!

This will probably be my last summer pedi this season :( Where has the summer gone!! I can't beleive September is a few short days away. This is a shade I have worn on my fingernails before, China Glaze At Vase Value.

I am happy to report that it wore surprisingly well on my toes when compared to my fingers. Such a lovely shade of baby blue with a hint of green. Three coats were applied by an awesome nail teck.

I am so happy with this look, I was originally going to choose a pink pastel but wanted to match something closer to what I was wearing on my fingernails (Orly, Dive Deeper). So happy I chose this! It held up well on my toes so far, about a week. I am on my feet a lot and work out vigorously 5-6 times a day and no chips!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Monthly Favourites!

I decided to start a monthly favourites series. I have been a bit behind the past month so this first post in the series will be for July. This short list includes new products and some of my all time favourite products.

 Fresh Paint Polish
Although I only own two polishes from this brand they have both blown me away with formula and wear. Oh yeah, and the colours I purchased kick ass! Neon/pastel coral and mint creme polishes scream summer and I cant wait to try out other shades when I see them next!

Gelous Advanced Nail Gel Coat
This has been an all time favourite of mine, mostly because it can be so versitile. I have used it throughout the month of July specifically for one nail that I badly damaged. It was my own fault, peeling of nail polish... and a thick layer of my nail in the process. It's such a bad habit :( Enter Gelous I have been using this as a base for the damaged nail and it has not been damaged further considering it is was very week at the beginning of July. It provides a thick layer of protection to the nail on its own, or can be used over top another polish for an outrageous shine. This is a great topper for topcoat thirsty glitters. The only con is that it is not quick drying.

Amazing Pure and Natural Crystal Deodorant Stone
I have been going the all natural route as much as I can lately and cannot remember the last time I actually wore a traditional deodorant/antiperspirant. In the winter I was fine going with coconut oil and baking soda in place of standard deodorant, but with the warmer months I feel I need more "protection". This crystal deodorant stone is as natural as it gets, you just wet the stone (which is naturally occurring salt) and rub your underarms. It works great for a natural and chemical free option, however on hotter days I do need to reapply. I don't mind :) Plus this lasts you a looooong time.

Botanique by Himalaya Herbal Health Care - Neem and Pomegranate Toothpaste
On the topic of natural health and body care I also have a new toothpaste of choice. I found this on iHerb and decided to try it out at the promo pice of only one dollar... Best dollar ever spent! Since then I have purchased another tube on sale (regular retail price is around $5-$6). Some highlights of what I like about this toothpaste is that it is gluten free and does not contain fluoride or sugar. You heard me correctly, for those who are not familiar with the ingredients in toothpaste, it generally does contain sugar. I also like that the ingredients are explained and some are organic!

So what do you think of my first "favourites" post? Would you like to see more monthly favourites in the future?