Friday, August 28, 2015

Are You Jelly? Version 2

Happy Friday! Today I have the second bottle of China Glaze Are You Jelly? I purchased recently. When compared to the original release, it is more red based, where the other is more blue based and closer to a true purple.

That being said, I purchased this again because I was in the hunt for a red based purple/magenta neon. This polish delivered exactly what I was looking for!

The formula was great. I usually apply oldish at night before going to bed to avoid and dings or dents and this held up pretty well the fist day! I only needed two coats for full opacity. It dried to the typical satin finish neons are known for. A top coat really made this polish shine, it is super glossy!

The only downside to this polish is that it started chipping sooner than I anticipated. I'm not sure whether to blame the polish or my nails. I find when my nails are thin or weak nail polish does not adhere very well. It's sad today that I can feel the colder win coming in and summer ending, it is having an effect on my nails. I still got a good five days of wear in my fingers. I also applied Are You Jelly? to my toes and no chips yet!

Monday, August 24, 2015


Today I have a lovely neon to share with you, China Glaze Celtic Sun. An oldie, but a goodie for sure! Why I didn't have a neon yellow in my collection up until a month ago I'll never know.

I'm pretty sure that Chin Glaze has reformulating their core neons, however I find this one to look the same as the original (if it was even altered?). I'm referring to online sources of course. After swatching my neons haul on my boyfriends nails (hey, he offered, I'm not going to turn that down!) I decided to wear this polish I would need a base of white, like I have read so many times.

Celtic Sun is on the ring finger here at two coats.

I started with one coat of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Whirwind White and applied three thin coats of Celtic Sun over top. The formula is quite thin, but applied well. I'm glad I had a base of white. Not only did it help with opacity but really made this neon GLOW!

As most neons do, this dried to a semi-matte/satin finish. I added a nice coat of Seche Vite over top to add a high gloss shine. I loved wearing this. Everyone thought this polish glowed in the dark, it is that bright!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Reader Feedback Needed: Polish for Sale!

I have a quick post today. I have been meaning to go through my collection and weed out polishes I don't wear (or brand new ones I changed my mind on) and get rid of them. I don't have any specifics on brands since I have not gone through everything yet, however, I was wondering if you wold be interested if I were to create and share an eBay collection of polishes for sale. I know off the top of my head that I do have some rare and hard to find polishes (OPI DS, Sally Hansen Prisms, etc).

Would you be interested? What would you prefer:
  • single polishes or lots?
  • buy it now or auctions?
I am pretty new to selling on eBay but would love to share some of my stash with you. Please let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

July Favorites

This is an ongoing monthly post which highlights some of my very favorites from the month past. 

Today I have my most favorite things from July. Check them out below.

Favorite Polish - Neons
For the most part, July gave us some amazing summer weather and with hot temperatures comes hot polish! I have been loving neons in excess last month, weather it was wearing what I already own or buying new ones. I don't know if I have one favorite out of what I had worn/purchased in the month of July, but Orly, Thrill Seeker did surprise me with how bright it was!

Favorite Clothing - Shorts
It was so hot for a few weeks that it was hard to wear much. Most days I just hung out by my pool in a bikini! Since it is hard for me to decide on a favorite bikini (like neon polishes, I have MANY) I can decide on one favorite article of clothing last month, these soft patterned, high waisted, flowy shorts from Garage.  I must have work them at least 75% of the month! They are so comfy and versatile to dress up, down and anywhere in between!

Favorite Nail Art -Colour Blocking
Hand down the easiest and quickest nail art I have ever done. So quick and easy to refresh your mani with colour blocking. The funny thing is I thought it would end up a hot mess, but I really loved this mani. To view the original post for this look, click here.

Favorite Book - Inside the O'Brian's by Lisa Genova
This book had me hooked, I could not put it down! Knowing people close to me have had to (and still are) living with HD made this book an emotional read for me, but the research that went in to the writing and the story telling really made this a great story. I love how it focuses on Huntington's Disease and makes it a topic for discussion. Not a lot of people know what this disease is and I think it is an important one to know about and fund for research.

Until next month!

Monday, August 17, 2015

Sprinkle Jelly Doughnut

...At least that's what my boyfriend called them! I kind of agree, I mean if they were super radioactive sprinkles or something.

I wanted to use my neon glitter toppers from China Glaze's Electric Nights collection before summer was over. I am hoping the bright glitter pigments do not bleed in to the base like the previous one I purchased, Point Me To The Party. To recreate the look of this polish, I layered Can I Get An Untz, Untz, with Let The Beat Drop. For the creamy "icing" base polish I used Essie Marshmallow.

So here is what happened, I applied two coats of Marshmallow to my nails, let them dry for a few minutes and blobbed on some glitter from each polish. The result looks great from afar.... however when a closer look is taken you can see a pink haze from Let The Beat Drop (Doh!) and BUBBLES, BUBBLES, everywhere!

The next day it drove me to the point of removal and reapplication! I know, crazy right? Not like me at all, but bubbles seriously annoy me! Can you see a difference below?

So, what did I do differently?

I applied slightly thinner layers of Marshmallow and allowed some extra dry time between coats. When applying the glitter to the nail I used a cosmetic sponge wedge to soak up excess base and get good coverage of glitter on the nail without adding extra polish. The result was much better!

The one thing that always bothers me about using cosmetic sponges in nail art is that for some reason it likes to attract dust. Does this happen to you too? Other than that I am pretty happy with the outcome of this look (finally). A little disappointed that Let The Beat Drop has started to bleed a bit in to the base, but I am happy I was able to remedy that with sponging on the glitter instead.

I really love these glitters and would suggest getting these two over Point Me To The Party. Not only do you get the same look of this polish when they are layered, but you can use them on their own as well! I think I want to try this over black next, I can see it making the neon glitter really pop.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Victoria - Bio Seaweed Gel Review Part 2

Happy Friday! Today I have part three in my Bio Seaweed gel polish series. I decided to try out Unity All-In-One Soak-Off Gel Polish 261, Victoria on my toes.

Victoria is such a great summer shade, it's a light, yet bright, pastel creme that boarders the line of neon. I usually prefer more feminine shades or bold cremes on my toes, but really am liking this colour. 

The formula is on the thick side, but nothing too unmanageable. My need to thin my polishes out was strong with this one, however! I applied three thin coats to the nail curing for a minute with my UV LED lamp. 

What I love about this formulation is that you do not require a base or topcoat and there is no sticky layer to remove after curing. I have been wearing this shade for two weeks now and it looks the same as it did hen I applied it! To let you know how hard I work my feet, I do a lot of walking in one day for my commute in to work plus I get my workout in six days a week... I can be pretty hard on my feet. But this gel polish has stood up great so far!

The final post in this series will be a recap and follow up of the products I used from Bio Seaweed Gel, The No-Wipe Top Coat I used for my broken nail and Victoria for my pedicure. This will include how long they lasted, and what they looked like before I removed them.

*This product was sent to me for an honest review, all views expressed are my own honest option. 

Thursday, August 13, 2015

My Way Or The Highway!

Today I have a shade from the China Glaze Road Trip collection released this past Spring that reminds me of the early 2000's...

I had to lol, I'm totally listening to this while I'm composing this post! This is China Glaze My Way or The Highway, A beautiful blue leaning teal crelly.

The formula was awesome and applied really well to the nail. The first coat was a little bit thin, but the second coat built up to full coverage easily. It was a welcome pallet cleanser to my bright neons and complements my tan well.

To be honest, I picked up this polish 50% based off the name alone with the intent of wearing it for good luck on my road test. Last year I wore Petal To The Metal and had a great test, this is the last test before I get my full license and it's on the highway... I just had to buy it and wear it for my test!