Sunday, May 9, 2010

Past Manicures - Absolutly Alice

I am a huge Tim Burton fan, have been for a loooong time, so when i heard that he was coming out with his own adaptation i could not wait! I was literally counting down the days.

I ended up going to see the movie after opening day in Imax 3-D which was pretty cool, in celebration of the release I created some Alice nails with the help of OPI's Absolutly Alice. This is the only colour I own from the 4 piece collection which I'm sure every one knows includes 2 reds and the highly coveted schizophrenia glitter - Mad as a hatter. Mad as a hatter did interest me, but I was not crazy about it. Even if i did want it, it sold out pretty quick.

I know you have probably seen this colour a million times, so when i wore it i wanted to make it special:

For these nails I used:
  • Base - random Sally Hansen blue, one coat
  • OPI AA - 2 coats
  • Accent nail design- konad zebra design with konad special polish in white
  • Accent nail rhinestone - heart from dollarama rhinestones (originally was a lavender colour), i used china glaze ruby pumps to paint over the original colour.

I wanted the "zebra" print to kinda of symbolize the kinda of warp zone Alice enters in to. The red hart is obviously for the red queen. I was pretty happy with the end result :)

* by the way, sorry for the bad photography. In my past manicure posts i didn't do any real photo shoots. but my up coming NOTD's I promise better pictures.

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