Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hidden Treasure

2 coats daylight

hello ladies!

I was so sick of hearing about hidden treasure, it's not the only "flakie" polish out there, as I have many maybelline colorama's and some l'oreal flakies. But when I saw this on display I knew I had to have it, plus I had a coupon for $2 off, so that made it even sweeter! I found this as Zellars, but i have also seen the new collection FINALLY popping up in shoppers.

I used 2 coats over an ardene nail polish that was unnamed (it's a beige, gray, khaki mix) i used 2 coats of the ardene polish, i think it looks simple and elegant :)

flash indoors

flash indoors

Whats your favorite hidden treasure combo?


  1. Is there a coupon for SH floating around out there? If it's printable, can you share? lol.

    Btw, found your blog while searching for the new Claire's moods. Wanted to follow but you didn't have the Google Friend Connect box

  2. Actually, i got lucky! a close out beauty place had old sally hansens for sale with coupons on them, my boyfriend found one that had a $2 off coupon on them, i found a couple of $1 off also. I have yet to find a printable sally hansen coupon unfortunately.

    I added the Google Friends connect if you would still like to follow :) thanks!

  3. I found you through Polish & Powder! :)
    Looks like your blog is off to to a good start! Keep it up!
    I have to sqee just a little about your location...I'm from Oshawa! Small world or what. Now I live in Arkansas, but it's cool to find another blogger from the GTA! :D

  4. Sarah- thanks a lot :) I feel the same about other Canadian bloggers as well, i love finding them, they always have the best info on sales and promos!


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