Saturday, July 24, 2010

Nailene Review - So Natural Nails

Hi Ladies :)

Today I have a review for you for Nailene So natural artificial nails. Since my nails are too long at the moment I decided to try them on my sister!

Completed nails with packaging and left over nails, so many sizes!
Nail Prep
I cut down my sisters nails, filed the tips then gently filed the nail bed so the glue and nail would stick well.

I applied a good amount of the glue to the nail and carefully pushed the fake nail to her actual nail to made sure there was good adhesion and as minimal bubbles as possible.

Indoors, with flash

Indoors, no flash

Post Application
I cut down the nails to a length she was more comfortable with and filed them out.

I finished the nails off with some Nailene nail art stickers. Very easy to apply ( I used tweezers) and stuck very well.

Indoors, flash. I love these star stickers!

Indoors, flash. These stickers were put on both ring fingers.
Tips and tricks
One great tip I want to share with you ladies is when applying the nails either to yourself of someone else, put lotion on your hands before you start (NOT the actual nails). The glue will stick less to your fingers and more to the nail when pushing the nail down ( I figured this out half way in to application lol).

One thing I really need to master is getting all the air bubbles out. Some nails came out perfect and some were a little bubbly. My sister didn't want me to used TOO much glue, so I tried to use and much as she would allow, that may have been the issue. But I think a little more practice would make perfect :)

My sister was very pleased and let me know that they feel like her real nails! My mom didn't now they were fake! I will track the longevity of the nails over the next couple of weeks. On Friday we are leaving for the Dominican Republic, so that will be the ultimate test for wear with the water. I will bring some extra nail glue just incase ;)

I have purchased and used these nails in the past to cover up broken nails to help them grow out and I was amazed and how real they felt and how long they stuck for with minimal glue! I have had acrylic nails once in my life and they felt the same! My sister and I would highly recomend these nails :)

What do you think, Have you tried stick on nails before? Would you try them if you haven't before?

* Products were supplied to me. All opinions are mine and are truthful as to how I feel about the products.


  1. I have never tried stick-on nails before, but I would certainly be willing to - I have a lot of trouble growing my nails out to any reasonable length, and fake nails would probably help.

  2. Zara - i used to be the worst nail biter ever since I can remember, i finally stopped a couple of years ago! I had bad nails and i would always pick at them, keeping them polished and well moisturized helped out a lot. Find a good nail hardener/strengthener and see if it helps :)

    Regarding fake nails, I think these are greats, like I said in the post, I have used these on broken nails to help them grow out and still be the same length as the others.

    If you would like to test these nails out I am pretty sure that Nailene is still supplying samples on their blog for review purposes.

  3. They look really good! I love nailene nails so much! :D

  4. thanks, i think i did a pretty good job on application :)

  5. You did really well putting those on. They look very natural. I've never had great luck with stick on/glue on nails. They always fall off on me and I had training to do it properly -.- how embarrassing.

  6. Thanks Neya :) I'm sure it would be a different story if i had to apply these on myself lol The Naliene glue is awesome though, it really bonds well.

  7. Also, i forgot to add that I use this glue on my natural nails when i get peeling or a crack/chip, it works really well.


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