Monday, July 26, 2010

Sally Hansen Beyond Perfect Protein Nail Color: Hibiscus Harmony

Hi Ladies :)

Today I have a NOTD from my archives, this is one of the discontinued polishes I picked up from the warehouse I mentioned here. This is Sally Hansen's Hibiscus Harmony (HH), I think I got this because of the name lol it sounds so pretty and reminds me of summer vacations. The colour is great too, I would describe it as a bright magenta shimmer with a blue/purple flash. Very interesting.

Indoors, flash

I'm pretty sure that I used between 3 to 4 coats because it was quite thin, but i didn't mind, it was almost jelly-ish in it's finish. I don't remember getting any crazy chipping with this polish, but I did get slight tip wear.

This colour wore well and dried fast, I really loved it more and more the longer I wore it. I even added my hibiscus konad to my ring finger :) I got a lot of compliments on this one.

Indoors, flash

I love the bottle shape on these, although I think these may have been discontinued due to some sort of defect in the bottle, most of the ones I saw where I purchased this could not be closed properly :(.

Do you own any of Sally Hansen's Beyond Perfect Protein Nail colour? If so, what's your favorite colour? I will have to try out more of the one's I have, they are all really very pretty :)


  1. Pretty color! Perfect match on the name.

  2. I have a bunch of them, some from the Dollar Tree, but some bought when they were in normal stores. The Chocolate Therapy from this line was my go to pedi color for about a year.

  3. Awesome :) I also got these after they were discontinued for 50 cents!


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