Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Blue Jelly Beans

Hi ladies,

Blue jelly beans is what I think of every time I look at my nails while wearing this polish. It has such a great jelly-ish finish with being opaque in only 2 coats :) If there is only one good thing to come out of the Twilight series, it was defiantly this polish! I'm taking about Poseidon by NOX for Twlilight.

If you remember, this was the polish that my (AMAZING!) boyfriend got for me, he loves his blues :)

Application was okay, I had to add a bit of thinner. The first coat applied a bit streaky but the second one evened it out. The brush was okay, nothing special.

The colour is a beautiful sky blue that makes me think its a jelly, but not really... its hard to describe. Hopefully you can see what I mean from my photos.

So far I have been wearing this shade for 4 days and I have only had one chip on my left pointer finger on the 4th day. I don't think I am ready to take this one off yet, its too pretty! It's too bright, and shiny and squishy!

I'm not sure where you can find these in the States, but in Canada the only place I have been able to find them is at Rexall for $9.99. They had a sale a while back for $2 off, but for some reason during the promo the one closest to me did not get them in stock yet :( You can also purchase these online from their site for $6.99 USD, I'm not sure how much shipping is.

Do I think it's worth the price? For what you are paying you are getting a decent sized bottle of polish, the quality isn't 100% on the one I picked up, but a little thinner could fix that up. It only takes two coats to achieve full opacity on this shade so the bottle should be able to last you a pretty long time.

The other colours in the collection don't really do anything for me, the only other one I'm thinking of picking up would be Citrus, but I'm waiting for another sale ;)

What do you ladies think of the Twilight collection? Have you picked any of these polishes up yet?


  1. ohmygosh, I love blues and especially this one! <3 Too bad they don't ship internationally :(

  2. Lois - I really love this colour, one of the best blues I own... my blue collection has been growing the fastest lately lol.

    That sucks about shipping, maybe you can swap for it? I also did a quick search on Ebay and found some sellers that ship internationally.

  3. What a great color!! Just the perfect Robin's egg blue. *sigh* Dreamy. :)

  4. So pretty! It's been on my wanted list.

  5. Megan - thanks, I thought it was too, but Zoya's Robyn is actually brighter! Still an awesome colour though :)

    Freshie - I highly recommend it :)

  6. This is one of my fave colours under the sun. Nice pics! I wonder if there's a Rexall in Stoon.

  7. JQ - thanks :) I hope you find it


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