Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Boring Haul and great deals!

Hi ladies,

Today I have for you a haul that I find somewhat boring, but since I am still wearing my houndstooth mani, I decided to share it with you anyways :P

I picked up the above polishes for 50 cents each, these are mostly topcoats. From left to right:

- Sally Hansen No Chip 10 day nail colour - Sensual White (for Konading)
- Maybeline Salon Expert - Top coat (* Note - the yellow really threw me off, but I had picked this up before for franking purposes and found that it worked great when I Konad with black and doesn't smudge :) It also has a great shine and does not show yellow when on the nail. I am wearing it currently over my houndstooth mani)
- N.Y.C - Top Coat
- Sally Hansen - Mega Shine Top Coat
- N.Y.C - Nail Colour Quick Dry, I pick these up whenever I find them, they dry my polish super fast!
- N.Y.C - Double Base and Top Coat, I had picked this up accidentally, the quick dry and the top coat look obviously different in the picture, but in real life they look closer together. I thought I was picking up more of the quick dry! When I got home I realized they were different. I have never tried this one before, but am willing to give it a shot.

Next batch of items, left to right:

- Kiss Acrylic Top coat, I'm sure you can tell I am looking for new top coats, I can't stand Orly's anymore!
- Sally Hansen - Nail Nutrition , I picked this up at the Dollar store for $1.25!
-Sally Hansen - Quick Colour (this SUCKS! please don't buy! I saw a review for this on another site and still wanted to try it out for the gimick, but please, don't waste your money on this unless you like thin, sheer colour and a crappy brush! I may do a quick review to show you the crappiness!)
- N.Y.C - Lengthening Mascara, I found this half off at the superstore :)

All of the above were under a $1.25!

Lastly I have some gloss :)

Maybeline volume XL Seduction Lip Plumper
Sally Hansen - Comfort Shine Lip Glaze - Fresh Watermelon
Sally Hansen - Comfort Shine Lip Glaze - Fresh Strawberry

All of the above were $1.00 each

So there you have it, my little haul from the weekend, see anything you like?


  1. Oh I want to try the Comfort Shine glaze. You left me hanging of where to find them for $1, lol

  2. lol, sorry Halifax, I got them at the same Perfume depot I always talk about.

    Here is their site: it's really ghetto lol

    I almost hate promoting them though. Although every now and then I get some good finds for cheap, the employees there are really rude and always try to up-charge me!

    The last time I was in there the Manager told me all items were a $1 (as seen in the flyer on there site also) but they kept trying to charge me $2 ... very weird. Pocketing the extra money? Pretty sad.

  3. Great, thank you. Too bad the staff can't be a bit more friendly, and I don't like price inconsistency at all. Still, can't resist the good price :)

  4. For sure, that's why I keep going back, just wish they were a little nicer :)

  5. Hello Danielle.
    Here I am again.
    I discovered that my brother's wife was not traveling. She had to stay in Brazil to do a minor surgery.
    I wanted both glazes. Definitely, it's very hard to find them here in Brazil. And I do not know anyone else going to travel outside the country to be able to borrow to buy. I'm sad. = (
    Today saw another beautiful glaze. It is the NFU Oh 61. He is holographic. You have this nail polish? I was in love with him. Hahahaha.

  6. Hey Clary, the Nfu Oh polishes are awesome! Unfortunately I don't own any, I think they are only available to purchase online. I hope your sister-in-law is alright.


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