Thursday, September 30, 2010

Lots of Goodies to Come :)

Hi Ladies,

I don't have a real post for today, I have been super busy this week but I promise to post in the next couple of days. I have been gathering some great stuff and have some items to show you, some of which include:

- glow in the dark polish
- viva la nails blogger pack
- colour club collections - from Winners! they are sooo great by the way!
- Orly Cosmic FX - the ones I don't have dupes for already ;)
- new manis

I hope to have my next post up by tomorrow night.


  1. hey!! thank you so much for visiting my blog! did you pick up the halloween colorclub pack from winners? I had it in my hands on sunday and put it back....errrr really wish i didnt! let me know if its something I should go back for or pass on. this is IF you picked up the same pack.
    Tina :)

  2. Tina - no prob :) i picked up the color club halloween pack and got excited but it was $8.99 for 3 minis ... so i put it back. I figured if i really wanted it I would go back for it, my store had a bunch and they were all hidden.

    I'm glad I held out, I found full sized collections (7 to a pack) at another location for $12.99! WAY better deal. Stay tuned to see the collections I picked up ;)

  3. OMG! I must hunt that down!!
    lol I do like the CC polishes~ not too bad at all^^
    and that price is killer!
    thanks for the heads up~

  4. So I went to Winners...again..and wow! They had the 7 packs!

    I picked up 2. such an amazing deal!! They barely had any left, like maybe 5 in total. I bought the Glitter Vixen pack and the Untamed Luxury. I passed on the Halloween pack since the only color I was semi drooling over was the glitter and there is a dupe in the glitter pack. Thank you so much for the heads up!!!

    Cant wait to see what ones you picked up!

  5. Tina - no prob, so glad that you found some :) which location did you go to? any other goodies there ;)

  6. I went to one in Mississauga, close to Square One.

    I may actually go to another Winners this week...I looked on TransDesign and saw a pack called Debutante or something and these look so pretty. Maybe I will luck out? lol


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