Monday, September 13, 2010

Friday's Post - Mani Refresh

Hey Ladies,

I meant to post this on Friday, but unfortunately I got busy and it slipped my mind :( sorry!

I was on at work on Friday admiring my nails then I really took a good look at them and thought I've been wearing this polish since Sunday... and no chips!

... Well ... maybe not NO chips, I have the tiniest, little scratch of a chip on my right middle finger, but other than that... wow! I have VERY slight tip wear but I am still wearing Poseidon from the NOX Twilight line. This polish wears so awesome!

I wish there were more colours in this collection that I liked. I hope that NOX comes out with other polishes that are available for purchase in Canada soon :) And also reduce the price a bit ... and include some more bright jelly/creams lol

On Friday Night I decided to add some free hand nail art. It looks better in real life, I swear! I made some black swoops with a striper brush and and in between each swoop I added some silver glitter. It was more of a boredom thing lol I removed everything on Sunday afternoon and applied some new polish (which I am loving by the way ;) you'll see tomorrow.)

What do you do to refresh a mani?


  1. Sometimes I will add a coat of Sally Hansen's Hidden Treasure or China Glaze Wireless Holographic Top Coat to a creme polish if I want a change but don't want to go through the hassle of completely redoing my nails. It changes my nails up enough to satisfy my for another day or 2.

  2. swellmel - i know exactly what you mean, I love topcoats like that. I usually feel bad taking off a polish when it hasn't chipped yet.

    Even though this polish kicks ass I needed a slight change lol

  3. I'm a little manic about my nails. It takes a really cool naildo to satisfy me for longer than a 24 hour stretch. I get excited if I last two days without thinking to change them. I should start taking note of which manis I actually leave on that long! :P

    Absolutely adore this color NOX. I need to go hunting for them in Saskatoon. Cute refresh too! I have a soft spot for cute tips. Okay blah blah Jackie. *LOL*

  4. JQ - thanks :) So far I have only been able to find them at Rexall, do you have Rexall's in Saskatoon?

    I used to try and keep polishes on for a week straight, but now i get bored a little quicker lol one or two chips and I have to change. Plus I have WAY too many untried polishes I need to wear ;)

  5. Hello!
    I am going once more in his blog to say he's gorgeous.
    This glaze is wonderful.
    Remember I asked about the nail polish Claire's? Still not talking to the wife of my brother to buy it for me glazes. Until I found here in Brazil, but will be more expensive. I found this nail polish to buy, but not in a state where I live. The price of it in Brazil is $ 25.00, equivalent to $ 15 here in Canada. I have to pay an additional $ 18.00 for they can deliver.
    I wanted to know another person here in Brazil that was traveling to Canada, especially Toronto, to buy one glaze for me.
    Sorry again if I'm writing a little bit wrong. It's just that I'm using the google translator and it does not always translate a Portuguese / English correctly.
    You have twitter or facebook?

  6. Clary - yup, I remember you :)

    $25.00 is pretty steep for a Claire's polish! I thought that $5.00 was too much for a Claire's polish! I hope you find someone from Brazil who will be in the U.S or Canada soon.

    I'm not really in to twitter and don't really use facebook, it would waste too much of my time lol

    Thanks for your comment :)


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