Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Waters Edge

Hello Ladies,

I have been wearing so many darker colours lately so I decided I wanted something a little more brighter and cheerful, so here we have L'oreal - Water's Edge.

I picked up this colour close to the end of summer along with another one from the same collection, this is also the First L'oreal I have tried out of the two.

The formula actually surprised me, the first coat applied kind of thin and I had thought I would have to build it up a lot, but only one more coat and I was good to go. I'm pretty sure this is a cream, but it is one of those creams that has certain qualities of a jelly; super glossy and squishy. I love jellies so this is awesome :)

It also dried fairly quickly considering I used thicker coats. One minor set back was that I got some tiny bubbles on my left hand, this may have been due to the thicker coats. I hate bubbles! They were not that noticeable, thankfully. I also notices the longer I wore this mani, they seemed to go away/become less noticeable.

I wore this polish for a full week with no chips and very, very minor tip wear :) I also did some konading, so stay tuned for that.

Overall I really like this teal, greenish blue. I think it's perfect for summer or spring, but it has a dusty quality to it that I think can work in fall also. What do you ladies think ;)


  1. I have this color. It's so pretty, but I must've got a bum bottle because the formula is THE SUCK! It's SUPER thick. I'm glad yours worked better for you. I just noticed that Waters Edge matches your background. *giggle*

  2. Hey, it kind of does! lol I didn't even notice!

    I figured that the formula would suck. I didn't really know what to expect, never tried L'Oreal polishes before, but I was pleasantly surprised :)

    Maybe if you thin out your bottle a bit it may work out better for you.

  3. gorgeous color! I think it fits every season very well :)

  4. thanks Bee, I was just making excuses because I wanted a light happy colour :)


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