Friday, March 18, 2011

Dorthy Who?

Hello ladies,

Happy Friday :) I'm so glad for the end of the week to finally be here. Today I have an awesome glitter for you, China Glaze, Dorothy Who?

As I'm sure you already know, this is a medium jelly blue packed with silver (and blue?) glitter. Not sure if there is blue glitter or just the blue jelly over the silver glitter. Either way, I love it. I'm pretty sure I applied 3 coats for full opacity and once I was done I actually gasped! These photos to not do this polish justice, it is just to sparkly and blue! I love blue :)

In my photo you can see a bit of VNL, but in real life you can't. This polish is just too awesome. It does dry the slightest bit gritty, but a nice thick layer of topcoat smooths everything out and really makes it shine.

For the longest time I didn't think that I needed this polish because I had Absolutely Alice, but this is definitely not the same. Absolutely Alice is a straight up blue and gold glitter in a clear base. I'm so glad I own both of them they are so pretty :)

Do you have a preference between Dorothy Who? and Absolutely Alice?


  1. I love this polish so much I've been wearing it on my toes since about November lol.

  2. This is such a pretty color! You got great pictures of the sparkles. :)

  3. I love this colour, I have it too and it's one of my favs, it's so pretty!

    Ps yay another Canadian (ontario) blogger :)

  4. Thanks ladies, I love it too :)

    Elizabeth - woot! More Canadain bloggers :) Where are you from in Ontario?

  5. I live in Whitby, like 45 mins east of toronto.


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