Wednesday, March 2, 2011

sea spray

Hello ladies,

Today I have a polish from one of the (many) China glaze collections that have been released for spring. I was feeling in a spring mood last week and wanted to boost my spirits a bit, so instead of wearing another dark, gloomy colour I chose Sea Spray.

lamp light

This colour is perfect for the transition of winter to spring. It is a soft light blue with gray undertones. In the bottle you can see a slight white pearl shimmer, but this is barley visible on the nail.

natural light

I'm pretty sure that I only needed 2 coats to reach opacity. Although very pigmented, the formula for the polish was a bit on the thicker side. Even after adding some thinner I had some minor issues with application. I find you have to work really fast and light.

camera flash

Overall, I really love this colour, I think I love anything blue lol. This is definitely different than any other polish I own. Loving the same too, Sea Spray, so pretty :)

camera flash

I found that the shade of this polish changes slightly depending on the light, not like a duochrome shift in colour, as this is a cream. It can look more gray in low light and a lighter, slightly brighter blue in sunlight.

What you you think of this polish? What is your favorite from the Anchors Away collection so far?


  1. I love this colour! Sea Spray & Below Deck are my favourites from Anchors Away! :D

  2. Such a pretty color! I haven't actually tried any of the Anchors Away yet ... though I bought a bunch, including Sea Spray.

  3. Thanks ladies. I' not sure which I want to try next, below deck or pelican grey

  4. This looks like a good base for nail art! ;)


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