Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Disappearing Flowers...

Hey ladies,

Today I have a mani refresh with the lovely Sally Hansen Purple Gala I showed you last week. I used another one of my BM plates, BM16. The actual design is a repetitive flower pattern with the stamp colour being the main background, the base colour peeks out through the flower. I hope I am making sense lol, this is hard to describe.

I decided to stamp with an Ardene polish, Grape Times, this is is a deep purple jelly. It is super pigmented so it was great to stamp with. Since it is a jelly, the base polish added a bit of depth when applied on the base.

This was super hard to photograph but I tried my best, I recommend clicking to enlarge the photos for a closer look. The pattern came out pretty subtle, but I liked it that way :) I think the pattern looked best when in indirect lighting or indoors. In direct sunlight (or with the flash of my camera) the pattern seemed to disappear. You can kind of see this in my photos, the way the light will catch some of the design but fades away in the curve of the nail.

I had fun with this mani, and although I couldn't stamp the whole design on the nail (due to length), you couldn't really tell due the suitableness of the pattern :)

One last thing before I go... one of the last reminders, I promise :) Please vote for your favorite nail designs through the Bundle Monster nail art contest. This ends tomorrow so I won't be bugging you much anymore. To check out my entry, click here. dissipear

Thanks to all of those who have been voting up until now and continue to vote, it is very much appreciated :)

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