Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Glitzerland in Spring!

Hello ladies,

Wowzers, where have I been this week?! I have actually been super busy with some tight deadlines at work and and was busy making the most of my weekend with the wonderful weather here in Toronto. Spring has finally sprung!

On to the polish, today I have another untried of mine that I purchased last August. Glitzerland was the only polish I wanted from OPI's fall/winter collection, and the only one I ultimately ended up purchasing. I thought it was perfect for winter and had this idea in my head or creating a gold funky french!

...Then I saw China Glazes Holiday collection and I knew I HAD to have Midnight Kiss. What an amazing gold foil! I actually wore that polish for New Years and totally forgot about Glitzerland. The other night I wanted a colour that I could apply quickly, dry fast and I was feeling neutral that day. I pulled out some sheers and nudes, but I just knew they would take forever to dry and it was close to 11:00, didn't want sheet marks. I looked though my OPI's and found a few untrieds and decided I would finally try one of them, Glitzerland.

Indirect Sunlight

My first impression of this polish? Thin. At first glance I thought it clashed with my skin tone. It also felt a bit weird wearing a gold shimmer in the start of Spring lol. 3 coats later and I thought it looked alright. I didn't have any application issues, and I didn't mind applying 3 coats, OPI polishes usually dry fairly quickly for me.

Indirect Sunlight

I had originally thought that Midnight Kiss would be the exact same but it's not, I find it is a true foil, where as Glitzerland is not, more of a shimmer. I also think that Midnight Kiss is a better Winter/Holiday polish, where as I can actually seeing me pulling off Glitzerland in the summer with a nice tan!

Camera Flash

This polish really grew on me, in the beginning I wasn't too sure it was the right polish for me, but the next day I loved it. It's a great base for Konad or any nail art and it looks great in the sun. It also lasted a full week with VERY minor tip wear, although since I had been wearing it for so long, it started to get tiny crack marks. I only noticed them right before I took it off. Removal by the way was a little difficult, but nothing like a true glitter.

I stamped a big bow on my ring fingers with China Glazes Flip Flop Fantasy , but forgot to take a picture :( oh well, next time.


  1. A full week! That's pretty great! I have yet to try my China Glaze Midnight Kiss, which is totally what I thought of when I saw you pics! I guess if they aren't the same I might have to go pick it up. :P

  2. lol I'm glad you like it, when I first applied it I didn't. But the next day, and for the rest of the week, love :)


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