Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sale Hunting and Hauling

Hello ladies,

Hope all of those who had a long weekend enjoyed teh extra days off from work:) I feel like I have so much to show you in the upcoming weeks! Today I will start off with some mini hauls I made a couple of weeks ago but never got around to posting until now.

The first 3 polishes I got were from a Beauty supply I used to frequent, I don't go there as often anymore because the prices keep going up :( Lucky for me, the last time I was in there they had a whole clearance section of polishes they wanted to get rid off. All of the China Glazes in this section were $3.50.

I picked up 2 from 2009's summer collection, Orange Marmalade and Cherry Pie (far left and far right). The middle polish is actually from the current summer collection and is called Blue Iguana! I love that name! As I said this is from the current collection but I guess someone mixed it in with the other polishes, the shop owner let me have this one also for $3.50!

Next I have a teeny, tiny haul from Rexal, they had 40% off all their polishes last week so I checked out what they had. Last years promo was way better, they had 50% off, and I bought WAY too much polish, my recipt said I saved over $50! I also had a bunch of coupons I used with the 50% off. This year I only purchased 3 bottles:

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear, Strobe Light and NYC quick dry top coat. This is my favorite topcoat after Seche Vite. It dries super glossy and quick plus the formula is thin and easy to work with and the brush is just perfect :) I forget how much the Sally Hansen was ($2ish?) but the NYC's were $1.30.

Next I have some Salon finds. I just recently discovered a salon called Chatters which is Canadian only I believe. If any Canadians are looking for black shatter, I suggest checking them out, they had at least 50 bottles the last time I was there! And although their China Glaze Crackle did not come in on time, they took customers numbers for when they did come in! By the time they called me I already had the ones I wanted but I thought that was great service :) Anyways, they had some random polishes on sale so I picked up OPI DS Classic for $5.

It doesn't look holo in the photo because it was overcast that day, but its pretty blinggy in the sunlight!

Another salon find for $5.95 each, Nicole by OPI's My Lifesaver (from the Bieber collection... unfortunately), and an OPI ridge filler. I just used this and so far, so good :)

These polishes are from way back when I had a no buy...I only got these 4 though, so thats not too bad, right?

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Celeb City. I needed a good silver foil, and I got this one on sale for $1.

Next are random polishes that are not named. The first one is a light hot pink with white glass fleckes. The second is a dark green with gold shimmer and white glass flecks, this one remindes me a bit of Zombie Zest from China Glaze. Tthe last is a Claw Polish that is a straight black ( I think it's called Fright Night), I really wanted the orange and black bar glitter from this brand, and the place I got these at had every claw polish but that one! I got these 3 polishes for 50 cents each.

And last, but not least some beauty care. The Boy Shop had a promo for their new duo body butters, they were on sale for $16 I think, and I found a coupon in the newspaper where if you buy one you get any scrub you want for free. Score! I got a lemon scrub which smells so good! The body butter is Floral Acai.

That is all for now! I will have some comments on my new bundle monster plates tomorrow!


  1. Haha sometimes I wonder if retailers are thinking to themselves "What is this girl getting so excited about"

  2. Great haul! I love chatters, they always have the HTF polishes. But they are expensive. Luckily you got your polishes on sale! I took advantage of the rexall sale. I got over 20 polishes!!! lol, Mostly revlon.

  3. Great finds :) Chatters has pretty good stock but price is a bit higher than Sally, I found

  4. wowowowwww great haul! i'm from toronto too - where's the chatters? :)

  5. Thanks ladies :) I agree that the the polishes do cost more at Chatters, but they do have some good promos and discounted polishes. They had the whole China Glaze Summer collection for around $30, which isn't too bad

    GothamPolish - lol for real. Most of them are probably just like us ;)

    Anonymous - wow, that was so me last year lol i stocked up big time!

    Belle - the one I found is across from Promenade Mall if you know where that is. I actually found it though a great sushi place in that area my boyfriend and I love to eat at. So if you check out chatters, go for Sushi across the street at Maki Sushi, it's soooo good!

  6. lol I loved the 'unfortunately' you added to the justin comment XD

    anyway I have yet to go to Chatters, but if I ever do go, hope I get lucky too :)

  7. rasilla - lol, well its true. I know some people like him and w/e but common!

    Be sure to check out the sale section when you go, they had a bunch of China Glaze Christmas sets for half off the last time I was there


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