Wednesday, August 24, 2011

And just like the movies ....

Okay, wrong song lol, but I don't know the one by Katy Perry so, the one by Alien Ant Farm will have to do :)

Originally when the Katy Perry collection came out, I didn't care much for any other the colours. I had the dupe for Last Friday Night by Sally Hansen (Xtreme Wear), and Not Like The Movies didn't do anything for me. I still kind of like Teenage Dream, but don't know if I'll get it. Glitter removal scares me.

I got Not Like The Movies on sale for $5, think it was the sale factor that made me buy it. But the lighting in the store that day really made me like the cool duochome. First glance on the photo above, nothing too special, right?

But, in the photo above you can see the interesting multichrome this polish really is. It had a silver base with a green and purple colour shift. At first I wasn't wowed with it, I had to add another coat (on top of the original 3, plus a layer of top coat from the previous day) because I felt I wasn't opaque enough. And since I wanted to Konad on top in a day or two, I decided not to add another top coat until then.

I felt like it took longer to dry and was fairly thin which took more coats to build up the colour. This also made the dry time longer than normal, which was surprising because all my OPI's dry nice and quick. However, the wear on it was fantastic, a whole week without any chips!

This polish really does need a good glossy top coat, not because it has a weird matte finish or anything, but it just adds so much more dimension to the polish its self. Oh! and I almost forgot about the little silver flecks in the polish, I really like that too :)


  1. I love this color too!
    Also there is a Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear dupe for "Teenage Dream". It's called "Strobe Light".

  2. I love this! Am a new follower!

  3. OliviaNobody - thanks :) I actually purchase Strobe light because I thought it was similar, but Teenage Dream has a pinker, slightly more opaque base. I should google a complarison!

    Fingers - thanks :) I'm glad you enjoy my blog!


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