Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Purple Diamond Prism

I do not know what is up with my camera and capturing holos, it just sucks at it! Take for instance this pretty purple Sally Hansom Prism, Purple Diamond. It has a crazy beautiful linear holo, but it is just super hard to capture.

I haven't been able to find this one around on other blogs, only one. There is the other "limited edition" version in the round bottles that were supposedly popping up in Dollar Tree's not too long ago in the states, but those were hardly holographic lol.

In the bottle Prurple Diamond is a straight up deep purple holographic, the holo glitter in this is not as fine as China Glaze's OMG's, but it adds a lot more shimmery goodness!

I applied a good three coats, as the formula is thin with all of the Prisms, it did apply very well though. It looked a bit lighter on the nail, especially in low lighting or overcast daylight. But you can definitely see the prismatic effect very well indoors and out with the right lighting!

My one complaint is dry time, why does something so pretty have to take forever to dry :( I didn't want to use Seche Vite because I thought it would add too much gloss and take away the holographic effect.

Next time I use one of my Prisms, preferably a duo-chrome I will definitely use some Seche Vite and hope it dries quickly :) Do you have any tips for getting slow drying polishes to dry faster?


  1. I love Seche Vite for fast drying!

  2. I have this one too! I bought it way back in the day! I remember these SH's being such a PITA to apply. Its weird that it takes so long to dry, most of my holos dry almost instantly!

  3. Oh that looks great on you and it's one of my untrieds, guess I'll have to try it now. I'll have to see how the application works for me and let you know.

  4. Yours is definitely more purple than mine. I tried my best to get my pictures to be color accurate and my polish is really that light. I've heard that the nail prisms are pretty inconsistent and that there are several versions floating around of each color. I must have gotten the lighter version. :)


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