Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Glitter Tips

Today I have a Refresh with Revlon's Night Plum from my last post. I used a new polish from China Glazes fall line, CG In The City. This glitter bomb of a polish is hard to define colour-wise. The base is clear with suspended glitter with colours ranging from pink/purple/magenta, silver and black. I love that that there is some black in there, I love black glitter!

I applied 2 coats to the tips of my nails to achieve this look. the first coat was just a straight line across the white of my nails and the second coat was a little lower without trying to be a straight line.

The photos do not have a topcoat, but I imagine it would be extra sparkly with one on top :)

I think this would look a little better over a lighter base, you'd be able to see the black glitter a little better. I may even try this as a gradient French manicure, I think it would look very pretty :)


  1. Love this combination, looks very sleek x

  2. what a great combo! it and your nails look gorgeous!

  3. Oh I just love this look! I need to try this! Love the purple!

  4. This looks great over that base color!! I bought this one over a month ago, and have yet to wear it!

  5. Fingers - thanks :)

    Angie - which polish are you taking about, the Revlon or China glaze? I want to try the Glitter on it's own, but lately I have been scared of wearing glitter bomb polishes because I don't want to deal with removal lol. I think I'm going to have to suck it up because I have many glitters in my collection, plus I just purchased some more!


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