Friday, September 9, 2011

Mmmm Melon

I feel like this was my "Last Hurrah" polish of the summer, I wore it over the long weekend on my little getaway. Wowzers already Friday and I'm talking about LAST weekend... don't you just love short weeks ;)

I love polishes like these that are in between season colours, I think this one could go with my wardrobe all year round. I wore mostly brights over the weekend, but this polish was also very close to an Aeropostal hoodie I brought along, didn't even notice until I put it on!

This is the gorgeous Honeydew from Sally Hansen, it is apart of the old school Salon brand that came in the rectangular bottles. I really like those ones, they fit so perfectly in my drawers :) I'm pretty sure this was apart of Tracy Reece's collection for 2009.

This is such a pretty shade of turquoise with a pearly kind of white shimmer to it. At first I was kind of put off by the pearly, almost frosty shimmer, but I honestly grew to love it after like 5 mins of application lol. SO much so, that I picked up another Sally Hansen, pretty sure it's a ceramics colour, in a corally shade with the exact same white pearly shimmer :)

Application was awesome by the way, I really like the grippy handles and the brush was a decent size. I don't remember having any issues, And I'm pretty sure I used 2 thicker coats and one last thin one to even everything out.

I'm so glad to own this polish, I wish I could find the purple from the same collection (Night Hydrangea). I could have sworn I already had it or saw it somewhere before, but after cleaning out my polish drawers a bit, I realized I don't :(

Do you have any of the old school Sally Hansen salon polishes? Which is your favorite?


  1. Pretty! Kinda reminds me of Kleancolor Pearl Jungle- which I LOVE!

  2. Another green I have to add to my wish list! Love it!

  3. I think this looks so great on your nails!

  4. Thanks ladies :) It would be awesome is Sally Hansen brought back some of those limited edition shades from a couple years back. They had some really good collections

  5. Oh that one looks great on you. I got it and have yet to try it but I did get Night Hydrangea from the same collex and it rocks. Keep looking for it, it's so worth it.


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