Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Halloween Nail Art Attempts - Part 2 + Glow in the Dark Comparison!

Today I have the second attempt of nail art I did over the weekend. I call this an "attempt" as I was not really happy with the final outcome. I love the idea, but I had some issues that I will discuss coming up.

The main idea was to have a glow in the dark manicure with a cool design on top. In order the get the best glow, I used a while polish for my base. I used 2 coats of Sally Hansen Salon's All the White Stuff. To make my mani glow I used my Sally Hansen glow in the dark polish because out of all the ones I own, this one seems to glow the best. I applied 2-3 coats.

Now, here is where it gets tricky... I picked a fauxnad plate with circle designs that look a bit like eyeballs and started stamping. Unfortunately, I got what I paid for from this Konad dupe plate, as it was really hard to pick up the full design. That combined with the base nail polish being not fully set is what made this a fail. Although I actually got through it and even finished it off with rhinestones, it still didn't look right to me. The only polish that would stamp properly was not a true black like the Konad polish which happened to be to thick to get in to the tiny intricacies of the design. I think if I had waited a day in between applying the polish and stamping it would have came out better. What do you think?

I also have a quick comparison of the glow in the dark polishes I own, from left t right I have Sally Hansen New Lengths Ceramics, Wet N' Wild Fantasy Makers, N.Y.C Frightful Fingers and a random polish from Dollar Giant (Which is now been bought out by Dollar Tree in Canada) This is obviously how they look in the bottle normally.

And here they are in the dark.

I have a feeling that the Sally Hansen and N.Y.C polishes are the exact same. I got them from the same place and at the time they were distributed, they were so out of Del Laboratories. Out of the 4 I own, these 2 have the best glow, I'd suggest 2-3 coats over a light colour for the best results.

The Wet N' Wild has an impressive glow also, but not so much in the photo. This is because all of the glow particles have settled to the bottom, and unless you shake it vigorously for who knows how long, you will not get the glow . Its funny how you can see the bottom of the bottle glowing though lol. I got this one last year, so I wonder if this years batch is different? The cute bottle obviously makes up for it though ;) When I used this last year I only applied 2 coats.

The dollar store polish comes in last for me. Besides smelling super bad, you need too many coats to get this one to glow. I think I needed at least 4 and it still wasn't as glowy as the others :(

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