Friday, October 28, 2011

A Halloween Tutorial - Pumpkin nails

Happy Friday! The Halloween weekend is almost here, and today I have a quick and easy tutorial with a slight twist from Asami's Pumpkin nails. It's basically the same idea, but I'm providing you with an alternative way of creating the jack-o-lanern face. Insead of using dry polish strips or halloween nail plates, I came up with an interesting way to make your perfect jack-o-lantern design . Below is the final look.

And this is all you need:
- A coloured nail polish you'd like for the design
- A top coat
- A plastic bag
- A pair of sharp scissors (small ones work best)

Tweezers will also be usefull!

First you want to grab your plastic bag and paint it generously with whatever colour you'd like to create your design in. I used Wet N' Wild's Ebony Hates Chris.

Once the polish is completely dry, you want to gently peel it off of the plastic and cut out your jack-o-lantern shapes.

Use your tweezers to place your shapes sticky side down on your nail.

Once you have all the pieces in the right place, you can finish everything off with a top coat!

Super easy right?! The design posibilities are endless and you can even create a whole pattern with polish on the plastic and transfer it to your nails.

One final Halloween inspired mani on Monday :)


  1. What a really cool idea!! I never thought of that before! Thanks for the cool tip!

  2. That's a really cool way of doing nail art! So gonna try that :D

  3. Thanks, glad you enjoyed it :) I almost wish I had worn this one as my Halloween day manicure, I loved it so much


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