Monday, November 7, 2011


Hello! Kind of fell out of blogging again for a week, not too bad I guess but it feels like forever now! I do have a lot to show you and catch up on, so I guess I will get right in to it. Last Monday I showed you all my Halloween mani, today I have Fortune Teller glossy :)

I'm pretty sure I only used two coats for this one, the formula wqs excellent, not issues at all with placement of the glitter, and overall it came out pretty smooth. I added a top coat of course, Seche Vite, which added to the over all glossiness :)

I also have a few other fun things to share that I didn't get to show you around Halloween that I will get out of my system now. Do you remember my pumpkin mani with the Del Sol polish? well, I used the foil method for removing the glittery polish,  look what I got when I removed the felt:

I thought this was funny lol.

And last, but not least, some treats I made for Halloween, caramel apples. This was my first time making them and they were super easy, way easier than candy apples, and probably a little better on your teeth ;)

So that's all for Halloween stuffs, I do have a lot to show you coming up however; hauls, giveaway winnings and of course, swatches :)

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