Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Super Rad!

I have a jelly today :) It's actually an unexpected jelly, you see this Milani polish was apart of a neon collection and the glass bottle is also covered in a colored film ... which is not the same colour as the polish within.

I'm pretty sure I purchased Rad Purple because I saw from other blogs that it was not a neon but does have jelly qualities. I only needed three coats for opacity, not too bad!

The weird thing about this polish is that it dries matte, so you have to use a top coat for sure! I used Seche Vite which is always pretty glossy but really showed off how jelly this polish actually is. In the photos the polish looks a little uneven, but in real life it doesn't look this way. I think it was the way the light was hitting it.

In most of the photos I've seen online these tend to loo a lot more red. I think this is a great shade of purple, darker and richer than OPI's Houston, we have a Purple. The most colour accurate photo is actually the one below.

My only problem with jellys is wear, I find that they tend to show wear a lot earlier than a creme or shimmer polish. I didn't help either lol, I decided to make a large soup the next day which involved my hands being in crazy amounts of water and cutting veggies! Not to easy on the nails.

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  1. Gorgeous! It's finally going on my wishlist after this post.


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