Monday, May 14, 2012

Mani Refresh Fail Turned in to a Win!

So I decided I wanted to do some nail art with my current mani at the time, China Glaze's Gothic Lolita. I had this idea in my head of sponging a slightly darker colour on the tips to create a gradient and then stamp a lace design on the tips with Gothic Lolita so it looked like a stencil pattern of some sort.

For whatever reason I went in a different direction lol I still did the gradient, I used OPI's Pamploma Purple, but unhappy with it decided to stamp a tribal pattern in blue over the full nail to blend it together, for this I used Red Angel plate RA-105... Hardcore fail!

I hated it and wanted to start clean! But It was already late and I didn't want to have to take everything off and wait for everything to dry. What to do...

I had Color Club's The Great Divide sitting on my desk just waiting to be used, I usually put new polishes that I am excited abuot there so I don't forget about them. One coat of that and I was super happy :) Unfortunately my photos do not do it justice, it looks so much better in real life.

soft focus shimmer shot!

I applied one final coat of Seche Vite and I was done! I love this crackle polish, the base is a deep teal green with gold flecks and shimmer. I wish I had a regular polish in this same colour! It really pops on the purple base.

What do you do to change your nail fails in to something you love?

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