Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Today I have a new neon! It's actually one of the polishes I picked up in THIS haul for my sisters birthday. She want too crazy about the colour so I traded her another Finger Paints I hadn't worn yet. This is Finger Paints Pink Perspective.

The shade totally freaked out my camera, it shows up red when in real life it is a deep pink neon, a bit closer to the bottle colour in my photos below but more magenta than red. Application was awesome, it was like applying a cream polish and only two coats were needed to reach opacity. As all neons do it dried to a matte finish, although this one was more suede. I also find that with neons I need an extra coat to get the polish extra glossy, but that was not the case at all! Wear so fat has also been fantastic, no chips yet :)

Speaking of neons I finally found the China Glaze Summer Neons for sale on Amazon so I picked them up. I cannot wait for then to arrive!


  1. Love the intensity of this! Beautiful!

    1. I could not capture the colour accurately at all unfortunately :( I even edited the hue and saturation in photoshop and it still didn't look right! I guess this is one you'd have to see in person to appreciate, glad you like it though :)

  2. Thanks! Now that I look back at these photos of it on the black background it looks so bright it hurts my eyes! lol


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