Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me!

More like happy belated, my birthday was on July 1st which is also Canada day :) I gave myself an extra long weekend and went back to work yesterday hence why there have been little posts lately.

Today I have my birthday mani!! It has been sunny and hot out so I chose my Nfu Oh light blue holo to wear, it is number 65. In these photos, believe it or not, is only 1 coat over Nfu Oh's Aqua base. This was my first time using it and it really helped a lot with application, super smooth.

After a day of wear I thought it would be wise to add an additional coat of each the base and polish since I did not use a top coat. Unfortunately I still got tip wear with this one. It makes sense though I was in and out of the pool for a good part of the weekend and regular showers and dish washing. Oh well!

My camera could not capture how holo-rific this actually is in real life. I find that if you give the bottle a good shake before application the effect is stronger. It's so pretty, I could not keep my eyes off my nails, even when I got back to work yesterday! I have awesome lighting over my desk, too bad it was overcast outside.

Oh well, as long as the sun comes back for the weekend which will be here again soon enough ;) I love short weeks!


  1. Happy (belated) birthday, Danielle. How cool is it that you always have a dayoff on your birthday lol

  2. I'm too late, but happy birthday! This color is beautiful, by the way!

  3. Happy belated b'day! I adore this Nfu-Oh...but I think my fav of all this group is #66 - the green holo. It's so unique. I know the OLD silver is a beauty; but my heart goes out to the green.

  4. So gorgeous! And happy belated birthday :)

  5. OMG! Your birthday is a day after me!!!:o Squee!!! Happy late birthday!!1 Oh, and the holographic is amazing!! It used to be so difficult to find a good holographic, but now they're all over the place!(:

    1. lol nice! Happy Belated birthday :) agree they are becoming easier to fond, however they are usually more then i'd like to spend

  6. Happy very belated birthday :)


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