Wednesday, August 1, 2012


I haven't been picking up polish lately.This is a really good thing seeing as I am trying to cut down, I am running out of space :( I Stumbled in to Sally's twice this past week and picked up some new polish, most on sale :)

First I'll start off with my first trip to the Sally's by my house I picked up from left to right, China Glaze I Herd That, Orly Mysterious Curse and After Party.

I actually was hoping to find China Glaze I'm Not Lion, but I actually ended up liking I Herd That better! It looks to have copper/orange and pale yellow glitter sprinkled with some holo glitter, that it was makes it really special. The swatches I saw from the Safari collection didn't really wow me overall but in person they look a lot more interesting. I may pick up a few more...

On to the Orlys, first one is from the Dark Shadows collection. I love Tim Burton and was excited there was an accompanying polish collection to the movie, but was mostly disappointed in the colours. Mysterious Curse however has this purple shimmer that literally glows. It is pretty cool, more of a fall shade for sure. I feel like all three of these polishes would be good around Halloween :)

The next Orly is After Party. This is apart of Orly's latest summer collection, and I like the idea of it, I think
of After Party at a cottage on the beach with a fire and fireflies... sigh... I need a vacation! This is a very interesting colour, black base with mostly blue/teal, and magenta glitter sprinkled in. It appears to dry a little gritty on it's own, but I'm sure a good top coat will fix that up.

Below are some swatches in the sun...

and in the shade.

Moving on now to the second part of my haul, I was in the States over the weekend and was hoping to find the Bohemian collection at the Sally's I frequent there. They usually put their collections out the last week of the month. Lucky me it was out... but totally picked over :( oh well, I got one of the three that I really wanted so not too bad. With my Sallys card this was over $6 with taxes! wtf China Glaze!?

 I picked out Deviantly Daring which is a deep teal blue with a slight green/turquise shift. Not as muticolour changing as I would have hoped but it has this chromey, almost mirror like finish without a top coat that is amazing! And compared to my other Sally Hansen prisms the formula is perfect, not so thin. I really love this one and am glad I found it :)

I also ended up picking up an unexpected polish at Ulta's...

Layla Mercury Twilight!! I had gone looking for the Layla holos the last time I was in the States two months ago and they had no clue what I was talking about! lol It was unexpected to find them this time around, I was actually hoping to find the Ulta exclusive OPI polishes. I tried to resist paying $15.50 for a teeny, tiny polish... but I had a $3.50 off coupon ;) Still a lot more that I would have liked to spend, but when am I ever going to find another one like this?  I have like three other silver holo polishes... but this one does appear to be the best. I may actually be selling some of my other ones to make up for the cost of this one. You can expect a comparison with this polish very soon ;)

I am excited for the release of China Glazes new holos and hope to get my hands on them, I wonder what the price point for those will be, anyone know?


  1. I went too late, no Dark Shadows left in my store. Think I'll skip Bohemian waiting for next year's holos. China Glaze is on sale for $4.99 this month, if you need to know lol

    1. Some of the Bohemian's are really pretty although not too duochromy from what I have read. I soooo cannot wait for the Holos next spring! I'm hoping they have a large supply and don't sell out right away.

      I just got Sally's flyer and the $4.99 excludes the bohemian collection. But not to worry, I put my Amazon dollars that I redeemed through Swagbucks to good use and ordered the other two polishes I wanted yesterday :)

  2. Mysterious Curse is the same as Orly's Royal Velvet. If you got MC out of the 50% off bin you did well! Nice shade but hate that Orly re-introduced a shade that was released not that long ago. My fav of the 2 ChG glitters is Lion around - looks great top Elephant Walk - but the one you got looks really pretty on top of Desert Sun. The one you got also will work well at holiday has that gold/red thing going on.

    1. Really? Nice! I got it on sale, but the sticker price wasn't 50% off the original, nor was the sale price an additional 50% off. However I used a birthday coupon for $10 off a $20 purchase so it was almost like 50% off ;)

      I agree with you on on I Herd That is a pure holiday shade. I was thinking more fall, halloween time :)


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