Friday, September 7, 2012

New Polish Collections at Shoppers + A HOT Zoya Promo!!

Happy Friday! Just a quick short post to showcase some of my finds over the weekend. I love when other blogers showcase new collections  and deals at local retailers, however most of them are based in the States. The main retailer I decided to showcase is Shopper Dug Mart since they usually have a good amount of he new displays and collections. However, I usually do not buy my polish from there because honestly their prices just suck! Here are a few of the many collections that I though were worth sharing. First up Quo by Orly.

Take a look at these beauties... look familiar? They should because they are the exact same as the latest Orly glitter FX polishes found at Sally's! The display even includes a black polish for layering. Although the glitters are identical to the Orly's, the dames are different. Below is another shot of the full display.

Shoppers has a lot of Revlon polish displays, including those double ended polish combos with white and neon and the flakies. The one below I hadn't seen before so I decided to share it with you. I'm not sure if these new polishes are added to the core collection for this new line but there were some nice ones :)

One Last item before I end this post, Zoya has another great promo going on that you can read more information here (scroll down to the Zoya section close to the bottom of the page). Basically they have a couple of different fall trio packs they are selling for a limited time for $12! These are full bottle polishes plus you get a 1 oz version Zoya remove and only spend $2 on shipping! I am going to order mine right now! Today is the last day of the promo!! 

 UPDATE: These trios are quickly selling out so if you want yours you better get them now.

 on What do you guys think of these types of posts, I know this one was a bit short but if you'd like to see more I will actually go out to other Canadian retailers and see what I can find. 


  1. Like these kind of posts! I don't think it's all that unusual to see a polish manufacture do same shades/different names/different country releases - heck, Orly has been doing re-names of same polishes released over again in new collections in the US, so not too surprised there. Have not seen this line in Revlon but then where I live we don't get new collections of Revlon in this past yr..only some fill ins on their classic wall shades - not sure why they stopped distributing new collections to my area. I have to go about 60 miles to see if they even have new Revlons I am interested in looking at. But the shape of these Revlons in your photo look a lot like the Color Stay bottles from Revlon. Not sure if you got that new re-do of an old Revlon line or not. It's supposed to stay on up to 7 days. I find I get maybe 4 out of them. They do last better with less chipping on me than most Revlons that go on me in 1 day.

    1. Great, I will do them more frequently :) Too bad I only had my iphone this time.

  2. I love this and was thinking about doing it myself but I'm too lazy and feel weird taking photos in stores. I always look forward to Karen's display posts for when I occasionally make trips to the US. A Canadian one would be fantastic even though the price signs make me cry. Unfortunately I find in Canada that really the only consistent store is Shoppers across the country, but I generally avoid it due to the ridiculous prices. I generally stalk Rexall, Winners and Zehrs but I find each location is different. Hmm speaking of Rexall I wonder if they have the same Orlys in the colorblast line?

    1. I agree to just about everything you've said! Karen's are the best, I love her post. I tend to go mostly to Shoppers and the Superstore although I almost never buy anything at shoppers. Winners I haven't been to in a while and Rexal I used to stalk lol but they are just not as convenient as the others.


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