Friday, November 9, 2012

Winter Collections - My Top Picks

Happy Friday!!

So many holiday/winter collections have already or are about to come out soon! Some I have just heard about within the last week or so, like China Glaze's Cirque Du Soleil collection, when did this happen!? So today I have for you my top 11 picks for winter 2012.

First up, the holiday collections! Zoya, Orly and China Glaze have put out some great collection for this years holiday season, I cannot wait to get my hands on some of these polishes.

At the bottom of this list is Zoya Storm. Storm is a charcoal/black jelly packed with prismatic glitter! I do have a similar polish, Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear, Night Lights and this is why it is at the bottom of the list. It is a very beautiful polish though, I'm just not 100% sure if I will add it to my collection... yet!

Next up is Storm's purple sister, Aurora. Aurora is essentially the same as Storm with a purple base. From what I have seen in store and swatched it is just lit up! So sparkly and perfect for holiday parties.

Next are some China Glaze polishes:

Glitter all the Way is like Mardi Gras in a bottle! Green, purple, gold and red glitter mixed together in a clear base.

Glistening Snow is a white/silver prismatic glitter that I think looks so clean and chic. China Glaze seems to always come out with a good white polish for the holiday season and it is always different.

Angel Wings is Glistening Snow's sister, instead of silver it is gold. super glittery and pretty! Apparently this is a dupe for one of last years Ulta exclusives, Ultamate Holiday.

Pure Joy is one of those holiday glitters that looks to be the one you want to layer over every single polish you own! Kind of like Party Hearty. This polish looks to be made up of red and gold glitter in a clear base which is great for layering.

Note: Devil May Care by Orly looks to be similar so I have placed them both at the same spot, I am more likely to choose one other the other. I'll have to look in to some more swatches before I make a final decision on which i'd like to add to my collection.
Moving on now to Orly, other than Devil May Care there is only one other polish from Orly I must have! I am talking about Angel Eyes. Wow, this one is a stunner! from what I have seen it looks to be pretty sheer on it's own but over a base it is just amazing!

Back to China Glaze again. I haven't seen full swatches for the Cirque du Soleil collection but based off of the promo photos I can these are definitely at the top of my list for sure!

Get Carried Away looks to be a black polish with holographic glitter and blue shimmer. This is the one I am most uncertain about, I will have to see this one swatched or in person in order to really describe it.

It's Trap-eze looks to be the top of a vanilla iced cupcake with sprinkles on top! Multicolour glitter in a white jelly base perhaps?

Water You Waiting For seems to have two versions, and I am not sure which is correct. the swatch i've seen on Cherry Culture looks to be a lighter blue glitter where as the promo photos show a blurple base with blue glitter? Confusing, I prefer the Cherry Culture Swatch lol

Whirled Away is at the top of my list right now IF it is the same as the promo photo (have a look at the swatch on Cherry Cultue) I have seen. It appears to be a black and white glitter (bar and different sized hex glitter) and I am unsure if it is in a clear or white base. I would hope it is in a clear base, it is very Sticks and Stones and I am the most intrigued about it!

So there you have it my top polishes from Winter collections 2012! This post was actually a lot longer than I thought it would be! What are some of your favorites? What polish are you most looking forward to?


  1. Some good picks - I have too many that look like the ChG Angel Wings however. I am floored I have not heard of or seen the Cirque du Soleil collection - it's not been out at all around here....guessing it's a post holiday release collection set to come out before the 2013 ChG holo collection maybe...

    1. I haven't seen it on display yet, but i heard it is to be released mid November. I saw them up on Cherry Culture, they will be selling them starting Nov 11.

  2. Hey guys! Actually transdesign & some stores are already selling them. The only swatches I've seen so far of the actual polish are these two here: - click her links to see two of the glitters. Hope this helps. Can't wait for swatches of all of them! Lee

    1. Thanks for the link!! I for sure need Whirled away! I wonder when these will be available at Sally's


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