Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Flushed Sparks Fly

Today I have a quick mani refresh, I originally wanted to do some stamping over Cult Nails Flushed, but ultimately decided on glitter tips due to timing and sleepiness lol. I used Sally Hansen Triple Shine Sparks Fly on my wee tips. I chopped them down AGAIN this weekend due to a very large break in my index finger, I wanted them to look as close to uniform as possible. My nails have really taken a beating this winter :(

 photo IMGP8676_zps74c9ccb5.jpg

Sparks Fly is a silver hex and small glitter suspended in a very light cornflower jelly base. The base is very sheer and probably will never build up to full opacity, but is very dense with glitter. Over another polish colour, you see a slight contrast between the colour of y our base polish and the glitter. Since Flushed is a purple, the jelly in Sparks Fly gives a slightly more blue tint at the top of the nail. Subtly but i'll take it!

 photo IMGP8678_zps6cabd1b7.jpg

The glitter was easy to apply, I didn't need to go around fishing for glitter, and I experienced no bubbling considering I was using a blotting method of application. I would recommend at least a thin layer of top coat over the glitter to ensure none of the glitter pieces are poking out to the point where they are sharp or flake of your nail. If you apply the polish is a traditional way, long strokes, you shouldn't have a problem, but the blotting method does leave some glitters poking out.


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