Wednesday, July 23, 2014

In A Lilly Bit!

I ranted a few days ago about an unhappy experience I recieved at a local spa which offers practice to beauty school students. Today I have a much happier experience with my spa pedicure.

I dread giving myself pedicures, to much bending and stretching and overall work, even for me! And I am pretty flexible. It's always nicer to have someone else do it for you, so I typically get a few done in the summer time. I brought along my own polish shade, however I ended up using their bottle since they had the same shade. 

China Glaze In A Lilly Bit is a soft lavender pastel creme. Although pastel, this shade is bright! I can't comment on application since I did not apply it but I am pretty sure only two coats were needed for full coverage.

I love this light shade on my toes, it is very delicate and can be combined with one of the deeper lavenders or pink form the same collection on my hands!

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  1. Looks good on your toes. I rarely paint my toes now. I used to all the time. I spend so much time painting my nails, that I can't be bothered with the toes anymore!!! :-)


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