Monday, November 10, 2014

Cast A Spell!

I have another Halloween themed polish today, although Halloween was over a week ago and October is now over. I pulled out China Glaze Cast A Spell when I was going through my untried Halloween polishes in early October. Since I didn't have a chance to weather it then, I thought why not now?

 I found that the Wicked collection, which Cast A Spell was apart, of to be not super "Halloween-y", naming and colour wise. However, I do love this shade, it reminds me of a more grown up, sophisticated version of Zombie Zest.

The base is a deep, blackened olive green with golden green shimmer scattered throughout. In direct lighting it appears shimmery, and in low light the shimmer particles appear to be beautiful flakie shards floating on top of the dark base.

The formula is excellent. I could have gotten away with one coat, but I decided to add a second thinner coat on top. 

This is such an awesome shade for fall and winter, love it!

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