Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Misted Glitter

Today I have a mani refresh with the last OPI polish I shared, Did Your Ear About Van Gogh? I decided to layer a glitter polish over top to see how well it blended the shade with my skintone. The gold glitter is Orly Lavish Bash.

I have been craving some soft nude polishes with glitter, but due to ongoing breaks in my middle finger nails (both right and left hands) I needed a nude polish with full coverage to hide the false nails I have been wearing over top the broken ones. Did Your Ear about Van Gogh? did the trick for now and Lavish Bash was a great sparkly topper. I applied one coat of the glitter over the base polish.

It is not as apparent in the photos, however, the glitter did help to distract from the mismatched tone of the base from my natural skintone. What do you think? Do you have ant suggestions for some good opaque nudes I can try out while I wait for my nails to grow in?

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