Monday, March 23, 2015

Four Leaf Clover + How to Comabt Nail Staining Polish

Trying to be festive for St. Patrick's Day, I pulled out one of my all time favorite green polishes to wear for the better part of the week. China Glaze, Four Leaf Clover is such a vibrant and saturated green which is why I love it. However, it stains probably the worst out of all the polishes in my collection. I'm glad I remembered how bad it stained before applying it because when I removed it my nails were sooooo yellow...

Luckily, I decided to layer a gel base under the polish to avoid discolouring my nails. I chose Bio Seaweed Gel soak-off LED no-sanding base which was quick and easy to apply and cure with my UV light. I applied one even coat, cured for two minutes and wiped with 99% alcohol for a smooth and shiny base!


Four Leaf Clover is a breeze to apply, and was no different when applied over a gel base. Two thin coats were needed for full opacity and I applied Seche Vite over top to add a high gloss shine.

I wore this polish for almost a full week with little to no wear! I started to get a few chips on the last day of wear and I attribute this to the gel base. It really stuck to the polish and would not let go! I was not going easy on my hands at all this week either, lots of washing of dishes, food prep and of course daily hand washing and showers. I am so impressed with the extension of wear provided by a gel base.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post Four Leaf Clover will stain, have a look:

I also managed to rip off most of my middle nail on day three :( The nail was
super weak so I will have to wait for it to grow in completely... yet again

So happy the gel got stained instead of my natural nails! I will be able to tell for sure that the staining did not penetrate down to my natural nail once the gel is removed, but I plan on keeping the gel as my base for now, I have a few other polish tests I'd like to try with it!


  1. Love that colour, I find a few CG green polishes stain x

    1. I know, and it's always those really nice deep colours too. Luckily my natural nails were protected :)


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