Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Zoya Mystery Minis + 3 Free Promo - My Picks

So, as I mentioned in a previous post, I FINALLY received my Zoya mystery box promo (along with the three polishes I picked out). Was everyone else as disappointed as I was with the minis?

I was originally excited to find out that Zoya now ships internationally and I could finally participate in their promos without shipping to relatives in the States. Accompanying this news, they announced a "Mystery Mini Trio" promo which included three polishes of your choice, plus three "free" mystery polishes all for $15. Great deal right? For Canadians it turned out that International shipping includes an additional fee, so that sucks. On top of that I waited over a month to receive my polishes! I am usually very happy with Zoya, I love their formula, polish selection and formulation (3+free) but this was a disappointment... Here are the "mystery" minis:

From left to right, Severine, Anais and Charlott.

Severine is a mid-gold frost/shimmer which appears to be on the sheer side, although I have not swatched these yet.

Anais appears to be an off black with some murky undertones (green and brown) with a slight shimmer running throughout. However, I think this one will appear black or close to black once one the nail.

Charlott is the one I think I like the most, it is a light neutral khaki creme with yellow undertones. It reminds me of a yellow based version of OPI My Vampire is Buff..

Now to the ones I picked out, left to right is Dahlia, NYX and Vespa. All three are textures Pixies Dusts.

I guess this was the best deal since the Pixie's are a tad more expensive than the regular shades. I have also been hearing rumors that they will be discontinuing the Pixie Dusts soon, so I figured I should purchase the ones I like now before I don't get the chance again. From Left to right I picked up Dahlia, NYX and Vespa.

Dahlia is a dark black textured polish with silver shimmer running throughout.

NYX is a cornflower blue textured polish with silver/gold shimmer running throughout.

Vespa is a pastel green textured polish with silver shimmer running throughout.

So far Zoya has produced my favorite "texture" polishes. It looks like sand and is just so pretty! I hope they have their usual eco/earth day promo coming soon. I want to check out some of the newer spring shades.


  1. Those Pixie Dusts look great :-D

    1. Thanks! I've almost made my way through wearing all of them now.


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