Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Archives - Polishes I forgot I had!

When I first started getting interested in polish collecting I purchased A LOT of polish! So much that I think I need to do a little de-stash and maybe a little blog sale. While looking through my collection I came across a few polishes that I forgot I owned! I thought it would be fun to do a little series to document the polishes I forgot I have at the back of my drawers.

Today's focus are Claire's! Around the time I started collecting Claire's had some pretty cool shades. The ones that are general favorites in the blogger community are Magic, Dream Catcher and Dreamsicle. The chunky glitters and various neons (here and here) are also favorites of mine.

A few from my stash I forgot about include:

Bright Skies - this is an awesome scattered holo glitter in a translucent jelly base.

Julius - a coral orange neon creme with scattered holo glitter.

Hollywood - a chunky silver glitter with a sprinkling of holo hex glitter in a silver base.

Mermaid - a sheer teal base with a pink shimmer. This one I remember being so excited about until  bringing it home and realizing it will never be opaque on its own. Bummer. This would look great over a teal creme base. Check out when I tried out out here.

Does this ever happen to you? I am in dire need of a de-stash ASAP! Everything always seems to get in the way. Soon!

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  1. Yeah..this happens to me everytime. I just remember that I bought some polishes when I get to see them or I wanna change my polish hahahahaha


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