Wednesday, May 13, 2015

True Grit!

Do you ever impulsively buy a polish (always) and bring it home only to have it sit on your desk or in a drawer for eternity before even attempting to wear it? I do that from time to time but found a real gem not too long ago!

I picked up Nicole by OPI, On What Grounds on a whim, the turquoise colour was pretty and I was curious about the texture. I almost left it, but I picked it up anyway and had a little bit of regret as I left the store, did I really need another pretty turquoise in my collection?

This didn't sit for too long, although I did want to try it out sooner. It is just so cool, super unique in my collection. This textured turquoise polish is speckled like a robins egg and dries to a visibly gritty sand texture. I only needed two coats for full, even coverage. It's as if a turquoise stone were ground down in to sand and painted on my nails!

I am curious to see what this would look like with a top coat, I meant to try it out before removing but must have forgotten. Did you pick up any polishes from this collection?

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