Friday, August 14, 2015

Victoria - Bio Seaweed Gel Review Part 2

Happy Friday! Today I have part three in my Bio Seaweed gel polish series. I decided to try out Unity All-In-One Soak-Off Gel Polish 261, Victoria on my toes.

Victoria is such a great summer shade, it's a light, yet bright, pastel creme that boarders the line of neon. I usually prefer more feminine shades or bold cremes on my toes, but really am liking this colour. 

The formula is on the thick side, but nothing too unmanageable. My need to thin my polishes out was strong with this one, however! I applied three thin coats to the nail curing for a minute with my UV LED lamp. 

What I love about this formulation is that you do not require a base or topcoat and there is no sticky layer to remove after curing. I have been wearing this shade for two weeks now and it looks the same as it did hen I applied it! To let you know how hard I work my feet, I do a lot of walking in one day for my commute in to work plus I get my workout in six days a week... I can be pretty hard on my feet. But this gel polish has stood up great so far!

The final post in this series will be a recap and follow up of the products I used from Bio Seaweed Gel, The No-Wipe Top Coat I used for my broken nail and Victoria for my pedicure. This will include how long they lasted, and what they looked like before I removed them.

*This product was sent to me for an honest review, all views expressed are my own honest option. 

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