Monday, October 19, 2015

Oogie Boogie!

I have been waiting for October to wear this glow-in-the dark Nightmare Before Christmas* inspired shade. I found Funky Fingers Oogie Boogie at Five Below in July and just could not leave it! I found recently that Hot Topic also carries similar (they look IDENTICAL) polish shades in their skull bottles. I also found Dia De Muertos. I would say you are better off with Five Below since two or three only cost you $5, where Hot Topic Charges that per bottle!

Anyways, Oogie Boogie is a glow-in-the dark glitter topper. The sheer slimy green base houses various shapes and sizes of light green glitter. The base is fairly sheer so I decided to layer over a similar base colour, China Glaze Be More Pacific.

I applied one coat of Be More Pacific, and two to three coats of Oogie Boogie. I applied what I thought was topcoat and took these pics. I was having some trouble wth keeping this mani on my nails! It just wanted to rub right off, I was so confused, I never have issues like this worth Seche Vite, it must be the glitter, I thought. I waited a bit longer for it I dry but it was a lost cause! It literally wiped right off the nail.

I blamed it I the polish until I double checked my top coat, I had noticed during application it was a bit thicker, could this be why...? Turns out I used Seche Clear instead of Seche Vite! Not only did I use a base coat as a topcoat but it was thick and sticky. Unfortunately I only realized this after taking everything off and applying a whole new mani (with the base coat as a top coat...).

I will have to try this again, maybe wit a more Oogie Boogie theme or nail art. I took a blurry pic of the glow-in-the dark effect. It was glowy, bit I feel like Dia De Muertos was brighter with little effort.

Moral of the story... ALWAYS check you are using the proper base and top coats!

*The Nightmare Before Christmas is NOT a Halloween movie, it is a Christmas movie! However characters such as Oogie Boogie, Jack, Sally etc. live in Halloween town and makes it perfectly appropriate to wear during the month of October :)

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