Wednesday, June 8, 2016

At Vase Value

I have a beaut today from China Glaze's 2014 Spring Collection, City Flourish. I picked out At Vase Value to wear for my engagement photos! I wanted something that was a little edgy without being too flashy or tacky. It's safe to say that neons, glitter and nail art of any kind were out, I didn't want too much of a distraction in the photos, and I wanted it to match the venue, outfits, etc seamlessly.

I knew I wanted a soft blue, I think I had the "something blue" tradition in my head. Blue is edgy without being over the top when you pick a pastel or lighter shade. In the end is came down to this or Color Club's Meet Me At Your Chateau.

I chose At Vase Value in the end due to the brighter shade with a hint of green making it more turquoise.

Application was okay, a little streaky on the first coat. As long as you swipe the polish quickly on the nail, it will even it's self out. I'm pretty sure I applied three coats total, the last coat being very thin.

I love this shade and I'm glad I chose it for my photos!


  1. Is this the first time I see your face on the blog? You look very pretty!

    1. Aww thanks :) I'm sure there are some other random peeks at my face in some posts other posts lol


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