Friday, August 12, 2016

Sun Worshiper

I picked up China Glaze, Sun Worshiper on clearance a little while back, however, it has always been a shade I wanted to pick up. That bright orange leaning yellow, and not to mention the name, totally me in the summertime! But hey, with this polish I may not need to spend as much time in the sun, it's so bright it makes my tanned no matter how long I have spent in the sun!

Sun Worshiper is definitely a neon and apart of the 2010 Poolside collection. It is an interesting shade, radioactive cheese comes to mind as a description. I layered this shade over a white base to get the maximum brightness on my nails. I applied three coats of Sun Worshiper total.

The formula was good for a neon, a tad on the sheer side but it is a yellow shade and that is what the white base was for. It dried pretty quickly to a matte finish, however, the many layers, likely combined  with the white base, did take some time to fully set and dry. Mind you, I was in a hurry when applying. I think it may have been more of the white bases fault than Sun Worshiper re. dry time.

Overall this is an awesome shade for summer and I actually wore it on my birthday!


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