Monday, August 22, 2016

What I Like About Blue

Today I have another shade from Light Brites, China Glaze's 2016 Summer collection. This beautiful blue is called What I Like About Blue.

What is there not to love about this shade? The creme base is a beautiful sky blue and has a fine, slight duochromatic shimmer running throughout which shifts from gold to pink depending on your light source. To be clear, by duochrome I don't mean that the colour shifts in front of your eyes, its more of a subtle change from various light sources. This is, however,  a very unique shade in my collection.

Application was good, the first coat covered well, but you will definitely need two coats for full coverage. The polish dries fairly quickly to a matte finish, typical of neons, however, I would not classify this polish as a neon in terms of brightness or colour.

Overall I love the shade and the combo of bright blue creme and golden shimmer together. It wore very well with minor tip wear.

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