Monday, September 12, 2016

Over The Moon!

Summer is still here, and I don't thin it's going anywhere any time soon! Since the sun has been in full force I decided to put on a blindingly gorgeous, bright blue holo.

I purchased Color Club, Over The Moon from a blog sale a while back and this is the first time I have tried it out. I must say, for a linear holo polish, application was fantastic. I forgot to use a special base (usually I use Nfu Oh's Aqua base) and thought I would have problems applying the polish but it was really no big deal. I mean, if I had applied a thicker first coat I would only need one coat. I prefer two so two thin coats it was, and it built up beautifully. 

I typically don't apply a topcoat to holo polishes, however, I tested out my pinky first and it didn't seem to dull the effect, and if it did, I couldn't tell! That being said, the wear of thish shade wth a topcoat is fanominal. Very minimal tip wear with just about a week of wear. 

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