Thursday, July 15, 2010

China Glaze: Lemon Fizz - Nail Fail

Hi Ladies!

I have a nail fail for you today...

Let me start off my saying I love this colour, this is one of the few only yellow polishes I can see myself wearing, BUT the application for this was horrible, so thick and streaky! AND, to make things worse, I had used a new Sally Hansen base coat which bubbled under it! I was so frustrated with this one. I think I wore it for a day and then applied one of my Sally Hansen Prisms over top to try and hide the bubbles... It didn't work very well as you can see in the photos.

I will one day give it another try with my China Glaze base coat and see how application works then with a little bit more thinner. On a positive note I didn't experience any chipping :)

I kinda like how the top coat prism makes the yellow shine, but subtlety, I may try this combo again as well.

How was your application with the the Up and Away Collection? What is your favorite colour?


  1. Hope you have better luck next time with the application. It looks like a great color, though!

  2. Thanks Zara :) I will try it again, I think it was mostly the base coats fault, it was really thick.

  3. I hate when you have a polish you want to like but the application/formula is the suck! The shimmer on top is a nice touch. I don't wear yellow because I have a lot of yellow in my skin tone and it never works. Good luck next time! Oh, and I don't have any of the Up & Away collection, but I really want Light As Air (lavender).

  4. I have light as air, but i still have not worn it, it's such a pretty colour in the bottle :) i'm trying to wear all of my untried summer colours before summer is over, so I might try that one in the fall, i love how it works for both spring and fall :)


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