Thursday, July 15, 2010

Random Mani

Hello Ladies!

I was looking though my nail pictures on my computer and came across some random pics I took a while back. I this one is from March, I remember taking this picture in my boyfriend's car lol.

I used a Sally Hansen's pink and China Glazes Secret Peri-wink-le for the ring fingers. I used a top coat of Sally Hansen's holographic glitter. I also topped the ring fingers off with a sequin hearts from Claire's body glitter pack, my sister was sweet enough to think about me when they had a 10 for $10 sale. This was super girly and kiddy, I wore it to my cousins 12th B-day party :)

I'm not sure If I would do this combo again. Last summer when I started obsessing over polish I thought pink was the shit! I needed every shade because in my mind at the time it was perfect lol. Now I find myself looking for more unique shades like green and blue.

When your polish obsession started what was your favorite colour?


  1. When my polish obsession started, I was eight and my favorite color was purple--half of the things I owned were probably purple! Thus, I still have more purple polishes than any other color (and they continue to be some of my favorites), but I've definitely branched out a lot. :)

  2. When my obsession re-started, I started off with some safe colors. Now...less than 6 months later, I can't get enough colors - all colors. LOL My fav is red but I really tend to gravitate toward purples for some reason.

  3. Thanks for sharing ladies :) I was in to pinks and neutrals, I thought I was too old for the more funky colours like blue and green... but now I am in love!


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