Saturday, July 3, 2010

New Claire's Mood polishes - swatches

Hi there :)

Has anyone found these new colours in their Claire's yet? you may have noticed that they have changed the packaging a bit for the label on the bottle, take a closer look by clicking on the image above. I wonder if the high demand in the previous colours will have claire's coming out with new mood colours more often :)

Anyways, the first colour is awesome/silly.

Awesome : a pink/lavendar colour with subtle micro shimmer
silly: a very pale pink with subtle micro shimmer

Thoughts: The sticker on the top is way closer to the actual change that takes place when compared to the previous colours they released. The colour change is accurate, the colours is nice, but nothing crazy, the shimmer helps to make it unique.


Excited: A salmony pink/peach coral cream
Bored: A light peach cream

Thoughts: when I saw this colour in the store I got excited, I love corals! Again, the change in colour is pretty accurate to to the coloured label. Both colours are great, I prefer the cold, darker colour. cant wait to try this!


Flirty: Deep blue cream, dries darker than the bottle shows
shy: Light blue cream

Thoughts: This colour also excited me because it was so dark and bold. I loved the colour, application and "mood" change. This colour if my favorite of the new three.

Over all I think Claire's has improved by making their colour samples more accurate on the bottle but i still think that they can come up with better colour combos. I am hoping for black and white, wouldn't that me awesome!

What do you think, will you be picking up the new colours?


  1. This is awesome, I haven't been to Claire's for a while, didn't know about the new shades. Thanks for posting

  2. no prob, thanks for reading :)

  3. Does it actually work and change colour cuase i dont wanna waste my money! :) lOVE UR BLOG!! ♥

  4. thanks a lot :) Yes they do work, you can search my blog for mood or claire's on the top right hand corner to see the other mood polishes and how they look hot and cold


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