Wednesday, July 14, 2010

NOTD : H&M Bella's Choice, Plus - ELF Polishes

Evening Ladies :) I would have had this post up way ealier but blogger wasn't letting me upload my pictures... moving on...

So you saw my hauls yesterday and one thing I totally forgot to include was (crappy) cell pics of the warehouse where I got the polish for 50 cents. Unfortunately, I am having problems getting the pics off my new phone, I hope to have them up soon.

Also, my sister ordered some makeup from ELF so I decided to try out their polish, this came last night:

ELF - Passion Pink, Fire Coral, Desert Haze, Mod Mauve

On to my NOTD, I got this beauty from H&M last night. I loved it when I saw it on the blogs a while back, but for some reason in person it didn't "wow" me as much, but have been the lighting. I decided to buy it anyway, and I am really glad I did! During application I was already in love!

I cut my nails short!
Window, daylight

Now, the actual application was another story all together, it was a pain to apply; streaky, thick (even after adding thinner) and the brush sucked. But having completed it in only 2 coats and the final colour was worth it. It took longer than usual to clean up because of the brush, but next time I will see if more thinner will help with application. Another plus was that it dried pretty fast, I applied this after 10pm last night and was in bed before 12 :) no sheet marks!

What do you think of the colour? Canadian Readers - will you be buying any of the H&M polishes now that they are available?


  1. Very pretty. Love your nails.
    I've got a lot of those ELF polishes. They are pretty but have a tendency to chip fast. I'm following you,
    I'm having a new giveaway:

  2. Hey Susie, thanks a lot :) I have been following your blog for a while now.

    I quickly swatched the ELF polishes on some fake nails and the colours are okay, the Brushes are a little weird, I hope they don't chip too soon!

  3. I've got that H&M in my untrieds thanks to a kind swapper overseas. It looks good on you, and I like your new nail length, too!

  4. KarenD - lol thanks for noticing. I had a chipped nail on on my right hand and cut them down a bit, my right nails are 1 or 2 mm shorter, but I didn't do that purposely! oh well, they will grow back longer and stronger in time for my vacation at the end of july :)

  5. Oh I've heard H&M are good... I love seeing these polishes I can't get in the states.

  6. I need to remind myself to check it out when I go to a mall. Though I wish we would get those awesome HM holos here. I would RUN to the store then :P

    Pharma plus sales always start on Saturdays. but the ones I posted are for two weeks. so they started last saturday, and we should have another week left. gotta stalk out obscure PPs for sallys now :P

  7. Nail Nare - hopefully they get them in the states as well

    rasilla - i know the halos are pretty awesome, I hope hey bring us those as well :)

  8. I decided to reply here:

    Are you talking about "jessica nail supply" (or something like that) How much are they charging now?

    btw, I'll start following you too :)

  9. Yea! i think that is it! they had China Glazes for $4.99, now they went up to $5.99, OPI's used to be $6.99 now they are $7.99. They went up recently, maybe a couple of months ago, i should have stocked up before the price change :(

  10. I got some ELF polishes aswell, fire coral aswell as some other ones (Wearing minty cream right now). For the price i paid i cant really complain.

  11. that h&m colour is amazing!!!!!!!

  12. thanks Smita, i still have it on, its been a week! lol its starting to chip on the thumbs, but very minor, i just added a top coat of hidden treasure, it reminds me of a mermaid!


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