Saturday, July 10, 2010

Orly and Nailene

Hi Ladies! below is my current NOTD, I saw this colour on another blog and had to have it! This is Orly - butterflies a bright pink jelly. I'm pretty sure I used 4 coats for this but I didn't mind, I don't have many jellies but I want more!

outdoors, sunlight

indoors, flash

For the flower I used Nailine's Bedazzle nail art stickers in super star. These stickers are so easy to use and are great for creating a subtle look like I did, or adding more for a bold look. I really liked how these applied and the varity of designs that they have, you definatly cannot tell that these are stickers. The super star stickers I have also include 3d pearls and jewels which I cannot wait to try!

Below are the products that Nailene supplied for me to try out, they include 3 sets of fake nails (can't wait to try the nail studio one, so pretty and classy), professional nail glue and the nail art stickers.

Hopefully I will have a post coming up with a review of one of the sets of the nails on my sister as my nails are too long at the moment to use them.

I'd like to thank Nailene again for the great products :)

* Products were supplied to me. All opinions are mine and are truthful as to how I feel about the products.


  1. I almost picked up that colour the other day! But I got Basket Case instead. Very pretty!

  2. thanks a lot :) depending on the lighting i find that it almost has a coral tone to it. So far it is long lasting too, i applied this colour Thursday or Friday night and it is still going strong, no chips!


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