Sunday, July 11, 2010

Claire's Dreamsicle

Hello ladies :)

Today I have Dreamsicle from Claire's to share with you.

Indoors, flash

This is an orange/peach jelly which is also very sheer. I can't remember how many coats of polish I used for this one. Unfortunately, because of all of the coats this made the polish bubbly. Next time I use this colour I will have to be sure to be more patient and use thinner coats. Overall application was not that great but the end result (excluding the bubbles) I really did end up liking.

I just got this new china glaze and liked the contrast
between the orange and the blue :)

I ended up using a bundle monster design to cover up the bubbles underneath, I liked this better in real life more than how it came out in the pictures. The pattern was more subtle and the white was more faded. I would like to try this one out again, I really liked the colour.

What are your thoughts on my manicure?


  1. I just love the name creamsicle but the color looks nice too!

  2. Pretty color! I love that you hid the bubbles with art - great idea! I'm beginning to wonder if the Claire's line is just bad formula. I have a neon that's super sheer, too.

  3. The more I see the bundle monster prints, the more I do want to get them XD
    And I didn't realize they had a bronzer too! I hope that they do get more of the line in as well~ Cause so far I'm really liking it. kk, another reason to love dollarama!
    And thanks for commenting~

  4. Megan,

    Thanks! i really liked the colour and didn't want to start all over again, the design actually hid the bubbles really well, you couldn't tell anymore, not even in the pictures. I now wish I had taken a before picture!


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