Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Back From Vacation - Quick Update

Hi Ladies,

Sorry, I meant to start posting again as soon as I got back from my vacation on Saturday but I have been experiencing some major problems with my cat Marley, he is very sick at the moment and I am really worried about him. I will try to catch up on my posts as much as I can tonight and tomorrow. 

My little Marly

Sorry again for the delay, if blogger is cooperating with me tonight my next polish post should be up by 6:30 and will include an update on my sisters Nailine false nails and my vacation mani/pedi.

Thanks for baring with me during this time,



  1. Hope the kitty is ok. Take your time xo

  2. Aww....I'm so sorry your kitty is sick. :-( I hope he gets better really soon. He is super cute. :-) *HUGS*

  3. Awww...pretty kitteh! I hope he's ok.

  4. Thanks ladies. Unfortunately he doesn't seem to be getting any better, he is really weak and has to be hand fed... poor little guy, hes so young :(


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